25 Last day of preschool activities


Getting through kindergarten is a milestone and should be celebrated with a big party. After all, it’s such a precious time in a toddler’s life. But planning the perfect day isn’t as easy as it seems. Finding the right activities for kids to celebrate and be celebrated can take some time. Keeping them engaged is key. That’s why this list is made up of 25 fun and educational activities for the last day of kindergarten.

Showing what the child has done and accomplished is a great way to remind them of how far they have come. Putting together crafts, homework, and photos can make a wonderful memory book. It is also more personalized than a directory.

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2. A Celebration Ceremony


Many kindergartens hold a small graduation ceremony at the end of the year. You can give kids caps and dresses or give them a fun touch. Let them dress up as the theme. Coming as your favorite superhero is one of many ideas to make the celebration more fun.


Inspiring kids to follow their dreams and be as creative as possible is always the goal. Nothing beats leveling up by bringing a card that represents who they want to be when they grow up. Allow children to make these cards with drawings and a written sentence.


Forget-Me-Not flowers are the perfect gift for or from the teacher. It is a beautiful flower and can be important to children who have developed special relationships with their teachers over the year. You can even plant the seeds together as an activity.

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5. I graduated from preschool bingo


It’s great fun for everyone. Print the symbols of important memories throughout the year. If you did math activities, make a number square to represent counting. A hen if you read Little Red Hen. It’s also a good reminder of what they learned this year.


Sorting out lockers, lost and found and the rest of the class is a good and useful activity for the teacher. It helps instill some responsibility even at a young age that you need to clean up the mess you’ve made. Helping others is also important.

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Children love to meet and sing. A special song to sum up the whole year is personal and fun. You can work on the song with the children throughout the preceding weeks. This way everyone can learn it together, and on the last day it’s over!


There are many ways to count down to summer once the last month rolls around. A calendar is great; kids can X off each day while learning to count. But there are more fun ways, like popping a balloon from a balloon wall. There are many fallouts to this.

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Bring mirrors to class and have them draw self-portraits. Somewhere on the page, have them write down what they learned about themselves this year after everyone has had a chance to share it with the class. It’s great for thinking.

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10. Year End Rewards


Each child should receive an award that relates to the work they have done and their personality. This is a great opportunity for teachers to make each individual feel special and recognized. Refrain from any “The Best Of” claims.

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11. Fill My Summer Bucket


A great way to prepare for summer while using Addition is to bring beach buckets. Let the children decorate the buckets by adding a stick each day for the last 30 days before summer. They can also bring an item for their summer bucket for the last 10 days.


Gifts to encourage children to continue their learning journey through the summer and years to come are always a good idea. Bubble blowers, sidewalk chalk, a craft, photos and more are possible ideas to work with.


Make a bubble blast by bringing bubble wands of different shapes. Kids can play with naming shapes and have fun with bubble puzzles! Make sure to get the biggest ones that you can fill with paint trays. This allows for different shapes and sizes.

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14. Time Capsule Activity


Ask children to answer questions about their current favorites. What is his favorite food, color, hobby, etc. ? Ask them to write their name and age with the date. They can do this every year to see how their tastes change!

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Instead of having a talking stick, let the class have a talking beach ball. It’s a great way to have fun. The exercise goes like this. Pass the beach ball around the class and when it lands on a child, they must name one thing they learned this year!

16. Photos of the first and last day


You’ll have to be on top of taking photos of everyone’s first day of school. Then, on the last day of school, you can take another photo. Place them side by side on a printable and add captions with the date and name. You can even write down what they learned that day.

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What’s more fun than letting kids be creative? You can invite the kids to a talent show. They can work in a group or choose to do a talent on their own. Every kid should get a star when they’re done!


Take an artist’s easel and a large piece of white cardboard. Take all the colors and write a “Now I Can” thought bubble in the center. Ask students to name what they can do now but couldn’t do before they got to kindergarten.

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For a reflection exercise, you can ask the class to write a letter of advice to the next class. They can talk about what they learned, what they liked and what they didn’t like. Ask each child to bring an idea to class the next day. It’s great for thinking.

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Make sure you have plenty of sun for the next few days. Bring some chalk and let the kids draw in a certain section. They can draw something that represents what kindergarten meant to them. Then you can take a big class photo next door.

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21. Unerasable Memories


This is one of the cutest exercises to reenact some of the best times of the year. This works best by hanging the frogs on a poster board. Each child receives one and can write down their favorite memory with the help of the teachers.

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22. Preschool Art Gallery


Tons of arts and crafts are made throughout the year. No better way to showcase them than by making a full art gallery. You can even invite parents to see the art exhibit at the end of the year.

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23. End of the year pillowcase


Have the kids bring a plain white pillowcase. Bring non-toxic markers so the kids can draw directly on the pillowcases. Encourage them to draw their favorite memories and what they learned this year.

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24. Foam Sensory Cleansing


Bringing containers and filling them with warm water and soapy suds is fun for kids. It’s also a great way for kids to help clean up plastic toys such as Legos at the end of the year. Be sure to put towels around.

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Use the alphabet to count down to the last day of school. For each day, you can work with the letter you are on. Talk about the words that start with that letter as the theme for the day. You can make animals for A, cook for B, and so on!

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