£300 grants available for community fitness and wellbeing activities

South Cambridgeshire District Council is urging instructors to apply for up to £300 to run fitness and wellness activities in their communities.

Anyone leading an existing group or looking to set up a new initiative in the district, such as leading a walking group in their local park or hosting a weekly yoga class at a community hall, could be eligible for the small grant. . Providers managing multiple groups can also apply to fund multiple programs. Activities can range from football/rugby/netball walking, to chair exercise classes, walking groups for diabetes, yoga for the over 60s, yoga classes for babies or more.

The grant, which is funded by Cambridgeshire County Council, aims to help implement physical activity programs provided by the District Council in partnership with Living Sport. It is designed to cover costs such as venue rental for up to six weeks, with new participants entitled to four free sessions. Once the free sessions are over, participants should start paying a small fee to continue participating, which means the initiative should become a sustainable source of income for the instructor.

Councilor Bill Handley

Cllr Bill Handley (left), South Cambridgeshire District Council’s senior cabinet member for community resilience, health and wellbeing, said: ‘The importance of maintaining a good standard of health, both physical and mind, has been underlined for all of us during the pandemic and now that we are beginning to return to a more everyday normality, it is a great opportunity to get mind and body moving again. These grants will help provide more choices for residents of our communities to participate in fitness or wellness sessions closer to home, so we sincerely hope that local instructors will be well received.

Cambridgeshire County Cllr Susan van der Ven, chair of the Cambridgeshire Health and Welfare Council, said: ‘The need to maintain and improve people’s wellbeing has never been greater. obvious, so I’m glad the county council was able to fund these grants for South Cambridgeshire. neighborhood council. This will give residents better access to fitness classes and avoid having to travel long distances to do so. The more we can encourage people to enjoy and adopt an active lifestyle, the better the chances of enjoying good health, both mentally and physically.”

If you wish to apply for the £300 grant, you will need to demonstrate that the proposed program is needed in the area. You can liaise with the parish council or primary care network to check if there is a gap in supply in the community or a specific health need that is not being addressed. Individual instructors, primary care networks, or people who run community facilities or recreation centers are all eligible to apply.

Grant applications will be invited throughout 2022.

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Richard V. Johnson