36 Police Officers Involved in Corruption and Criminal Activity Retired Early at J&K


Thirty-six police officers were forced into early retirement and a CRPF staff member was indicted on Thursday for allegedly serving as Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agent in Jammu and Kashmir.

An official said the 36 officers were allegedly involved in corrupt and criminal activities. “These staff carried out their duties in a manner unbecoming of civil servants and in violation of the established code of conduct,” he said.

These employees have been found involved in illegal activities, remained without permission for a considerable period of time, underperformed, been penalized in departmental investigations and some of them have been found involved in corruption cases, making facing serious criminal charges and had questionable integrity, the official added.

Anti-national activities

The government described the move as its effort to make the police service more efficient and transparent. A government spokesperson said that many cases were reviewed by the empowered committees set up to review cases under section 226(2). “Many employees were also terminated due to anti-national activities,” the spokesperson said.

“The exercise was conducted as part of a regular process of reviewing the files of civil servants, who cross the age/period of service criteria in accordance with Article 226(2) of the Civil Service Regulations J&K. In accordance with the recommendations of the review committee, the performance of these employees was found to be unsatisfactory and their continued employment in the public service was found to be contrary to the public interest,” the official said.

Meanwhile, the State Investigation Agency (SIA) on Thursday filed an indictment against a CRPF member serving in the Kokernag area of ​​Anantnag district in south Kashmir who was “an ISI agent”.

A SIA spokesperson said Zulafkar Ali Khatana, a serving constable in the CRPF stationed at 171-Bn, conspired and acted at the behest of Pakistan-based militant organizations and ISI operatives. and had collected and provided secret and classified information regarding location of vital defense installations, sharing of confidential documents.

“Khatana assisted the enemy in strategizing attacks on India and acted on the instructions of the adversary in his ongoing campaign to overthrow the government of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir” , said the spokesperson.

Militant handlers, Yousuf Baloch alias Zarar alias Qari Maviah alias Hafiz alias Aziz Bai and ISI operatives based in Pakistan used cyberspace to entice, incite and motivate Kashmiri youth to join militant ranks, raise funds and to provide the necessary logistics for the management of militant modules, he added. .

“These handlers had motivated the defendant to act as a sub-agent and provide the desired confidential information in addition to arranging the logistics to infiltrate militants and other required plans for the purpose of sabotage and carrying out attacks against vital security forces/facilities to achieve the objective of secession of Jammu and Kashmir from the Union of India,” the spokesperson said.

The accused was charged under sections of the UA(P) Act and the Enemy Agents Ordinance.

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Richard V. Johnson