5k Workout Notes for Week 6

Did you have a good week of training? Whether you struggled with some of your workouts or felt powerful and strong, you should still feel proud of yourself. You put time and work into it and that in itself is an accomplishment. Moreover, both the beginner and intermediate training plans had tough training last week.

As we enter week six, our two groups are drifting apart a bit. It’s an exciting time in both programs, so let’s take a closer look.

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In the six-week plan, this is the last. Soon you will start and complete your first 5k run or 5 km/30 minute run. It will be an accomplishment you will never forget and a milestone in your running journey.

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You’ll see your two biggest races on the schedule so far on Monday and Wednesday, continuing 28 minutes on Wednesday. Some of you can even exceed the distance of 5 km during this race. Congratulations to you; it’s incredible ! Many of you won’t be running 5k until race day and that’s fine. You’ll be more than ready to cover the day’s distance. Trust the formation; trust your body. You have this.

After your long run on Wednesday, you’ll notice the rest of the workouts over this final week of training fading away, which is a training principle known as conical. Reducing your training volume and intensity during tapering allows your body to fully recover from the previous five or six weeks of training so you’re ready to tackle race day feeling as strong and energized as possible. . All the worries, pains and fatigues you’ve been feeling will have a chance to mend and rebuild, meaning you can feel fresh and eager to go on race day.

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This week is a bit heavier in speed and lighter in distance. You will stick to your strength and power workouts on Monday and Thursday and your recovery runs or rest/cross training on Tuesday and Friday. Sunday’s long run is down to 8 miles, which should feel pleasantly short after last week’s 10 miles. However, it is still important to stay well hydrated and eat well for this race. The closer we get to race day, the more critical it becomes to make sure you’re doing all the little things that support your body as a runner: eat right, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, do your pre-education exercisesstretching and focusing on good form when doing your bodybuilding exercises.

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You have two big track workouts this week. On Wednesday, you will face a classic: 400m repeated. There’s arguably no better way to embrace your identity as a competitive runner than completing a 400-meter rep speed workout. This bread-and-butter workout helps you develop physical speed and strength as well as mental courage. You will perform each repetition at a pace of approximately 5 km, but you will achieve a full recovery lap, allowing you to focus on practicing your pace and getting familiar with your running pace.

Saturday training is more about speed. You’ll be able to run 200-meter reps at your running pace. Enjoy the feeling of running fast, don’t be scared off. Remember: “Fast” is all relative. One of the joys of running is that we can compete with ourselves. When you do speed work, you are giving your body a chance to grow and improve. You celebrate what your body allows you to do.


Enjoy your workouts this week and enjoy your run. Remember, running is a celebration of all the hard work you put in in training and a chance to show yourself what you can do.

Before you even pin a bib or lace up your sneakers for that culminating race, you’ve already accomplished so much just by sticking to your 360 YOU program and honoring yourself as a runner and a woman throughout the travel. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

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