7 fun winter activities for those who hate the cold

Whether you plan on spending the season enjoying the great outdoors or the great indoors, Canadian Tire has everything you need to Long live winter amusing. From winter activities the whole family will enjoy to tips for creating the best home gym, Canadian Tire has the equipment you need to stay active this winter, indoors and out. outside.

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If you despise winter, we understand perfectly. Between sub-zero temperatures, chaotic weather and precarious driving conditions, it isn’t always a walk in the park.

That said, the term “winter wonderland” doesn’t come out of nowhere. Not only can the season be visually stunning, there are countless fun activities that you can only enjoy in winter. (Skijoring anyone?) Snow and ice are often seen as a deterrent, but today we are arguing for winter.

As the temperature drops and you start to feel the first puffs of winter chill, instead of hiding inside to wait for the end of the season, try to bring your attention to all of the fun cold weather activities you can enjoy. Getting out and playing in the snow is a great mood booster and the perfect antidote to the winter blues. In fact, with a little effort, you might be surprised to find yourself becoming a wintery person – or at the very least, less inclined to hibernate until spring.

Here are seven winter activities that even the most ardent enemies of winter will have to admit as pretty darn fun.

Winter isn’t always easy, but Canadians know how to make the most of it and Canadian Tire is here to help. Whether you’re looking for tips on dealing with cold weather or fun outdoor activities to keep kids active, Canadian Tire has everything you need to Long live winter this year, so you can enjoy all the fun and excitement the season has to offer.

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