8 awesome ways to use pumpkin seeds and reap the health benefits they offer

The first memory you probably have of pumpkin seeds is the slimy beige seeds pulled from the belly of a pumpkin. However, once peeled, these seeds with green hues are quite edible. Some like to roast them and sprinkle them with herbs for a quick snack, but others eat them raw with their breakfast. Although they may seem tiny, these seeds are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Read on to learn about some of the health benefits they have for you, as well as some smart ways to add them to your daily diet.

Intriguing health benefits they bring

If you are wondering about the benefits of pumpkin seeds and how to use them, know that they are an exceptional resource of protein and unsaturated fat. Snacking on these seeds regularly ensures that you are meeting all of your body’s omega-6 fatty acid, iron and calcium needs. They are also blessed with B2 and folate. While some consume it to keep their blood sugar balanced, others snack on it to control their blood pressure or even to get a good night’s sleep.

how to consume pumpkin seeds

Creative ways to consume pumpkin seeds

Whether you are a huge fan of these seeds or are a little averse to their taste, we’ve got you covered with some exciting ways to include them in your meals so you can get a healthy dose of pumpkin seeds on a regular basis.

how to have pumpkin seeds

  1. Use a generous amount to garnish your salad. It will add crunch and texture to your leafy greens.

  2. If you are making a protein shake, you can add a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds to add more nutrients to your meal.

  3. You can add large amounts to your smoothie bowl.

  4. Use them to complement your soup. In fact, you can even make pumpkin soup and add the seeds as a generous garnish.

  5. Use them to replace pine nuts in your pesto pasta.

  6. If you snack frequently, swap out your regular bag of chips for a trail mix with lots of pumpkin seeds.

  7. Whether you’re making cold cuts or just serving wine and cheese, serve pumpkin seeds to add nutrition and crunch to your cheese board.

  8. Just like there is almond butter, you can try your hand at homemade pumpkin seed butter because it can be a healthy substitute for butter.

Try incorporating pumpkin seeds into your diet regularly for many health benefits!

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