8 Little-Known Perks Your Employer Might Offer


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As an employee, you are probably offered benefits in addition to your salary. The benefits package is provided in exchange for your work, and some benefits can make a job offer more attractive.

Many employers offer benefits such as paid time off, paid time off, and retirement savings programs like 401(k)s. But if you’re lucky, your employer may offer you much more than that. It is recommended that you review your current benefits and keep up to date with any changes in order to get the most out of your benefits.

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Here are some lesser-known perks that might make being an employee of your company more enjoyable.

1. Flexible working hours

Some employers are more generous with working hours. If you work for a company that offers flexible work hours, you may be able to choose when you start and end your work day. This benefit can be a huge win if you want more control over your daily schedule.

2. Child care reimbursement

Childcare costs are high, especially in our country. So expensive? About 58% of American families expect to pay more than $10,000 on child care costs in 2022. That’s a lot of money.

Some employers reimburse employees for child care costs, which can help make this essential expense more affordable.

Another benefit your employer may provide is on-site childcare. Childcare allowances make it easier for working parents to put their family first while continuing to focus on their career goals.

3. Home office allowance

If you’re considering switching to remote work, your employer may pay you a work-from-home allowance. You can use this allowance to purchase necessary home office upgrades or cover expenses such as high-speed internet. Many employers do this so their employees can work comfortably and efficiently from home.

4. Educational Benefits

Another little-known benefit your employer may offer is educational benefits. Some companies give their staff an annual stipend for continuing education expenses, such as books, online courses, and training events. Additionally, some employers cover tuition for employees and sometimes family members.

5. Vacation allowance

Some employers encourage employees to take a break by promoting an annual vacation allowance. This financial benefit can make it easier for employees to take a well-deserved break without exhausting their savings accounts to fund their travels.

6. Wellness Benefits

Another unique perk that some employees may enjoy is wellness benefits. Some companies offer on-site gyms, run mental health workshops, and offer money-saving discounts on health and fitness. These benefits are valuable because workers can do their jobs better when they feel better.

7. Unlimited PTO

While many employers offer their employees paid time off, some companies go a step further by offering unlimited paid time off. This benefit gives employees more flexibility in when and how they choose to take time off work.

8. Snacks and meals

Some brands offer free snacks and meals to their staff. This kind of advantage can help you better stick to your budget because you’ll be able to spend less on takeout and grocery costs. Plus, readily available snacks or lunches are convenient and can save you time each day.

It is essential to pay attention to more than your salary when evaluating benefits. If you are a happy employee, be sure to use all of your employee benefits.

If you’re looking for a new job, review employee benefits when researching potential opportunities. You may be able to land a new job at a company that treats its people like gold.

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