Alexandra Daddario started training for a bigger ass on Baywatch, and she’s been on that fitness journey ever since.


Alexandra Daddario is a girl who knows about squats. That is, she trains with the express purpose of improving the shape and size of her behind. The Baywatch Star started working out with a trainer when she was trying to get into shape in a bathing suit several years ago, but after the movie ended, she continued her fitness journey.

The actress recently shared her workout and healthy eating strategies in a profile for women’s health. In it, the magazine revealed that training her buttocks is Alexandra Daddario’s big goal. To achieve this, her trainer Patrick Murphy put her on a fitness and diet routine and says she really puts in the effort, revealing:

She works and never looks for shortcuts.

Alexandra Daddario is in good hands. Murphy has worked with a lot of big names for action sequences. He worked with John Wick star Keanu Reeves, who recently learned new filming skills Parabellum, the fourth installment. He also helped shape the life (and body) of The mega and bat girlof Ruby Rose and Daddario co-star Zac Efron, who was open to obtaining Baywatch adapt. Murphy even boasts a Baywatch workout plan for clients.

The trainer said that there are specific exercises that white lotus star targets in order to maintain his goal of a “bigger ass”. When they train together, they do lots of glute-focused exercises, including “shells, Bulgarian split squats, and walking lunges.” She also likes to work on posture through exercises like “reverse flies”. Murphy previously admired Daddario’s work ethic at the time Baywatch came out, saying on instagram at the time:

Your commitment, focus and high intensity work in the gym has paid off!

Avoiding shortcuts makes sense; Hollywood stars like Rebel Wilson, Lizzo and Hilary Duff touted body positivity in recent years, but simultaneously, many actors and actresses have to work to be ready to film at any time. For example, most of Daddario’s famous swimsuit scenes could have happened Baywatch in 2017, but she also went viral for a bikini scene in The White Lotus during the pandemic. Fitness is clearly at the forefront of her routine.

Although the actress eats healthy and also likes to keep moving in nature during her downtime. She said turkey sandwiches, egg whites and fruit are favorites. She likes soup, steak and pasta with vegetables for dinner. And when she’s not working on set, she tries to spend time outside.

I have found that my body heals faster and responds better if I am in tune with myself and can be in nature.

There has been a rash of female celebrities really pushing hard work and heavy lifting over the past few years. I think the workouts of superheroines like WondersBrie Larson and other MCU ladies have really pushed this movement, but it’s clearly not just superheroines lifting weights these days.

In fact, Dwayne Johnson even went viral earlier this year after admiring Khloé Kardashian’s glutes, so it looks like butt workouts are starting to get endorsed by those who really understand the hard work it takes to make gains. Hopefully that effort bears fruit in Alexandra Daddario’s upcoming roles.

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