Back Squat Benefits: What Muscles Do Back Squats Work?

Squats are one of the staple exercises for all gym-goers because you can get serious benefits from them, and they’re ideal if you’re looking to improve your overall physique. aptitude and tone lower body muscles.

There are different variations of squats that will work slightly different parts of the body or provide different benefits, such as jump squats to increase aerobic fitness or barbell squats, also called back squatsthat target your back muscles.

Squats are a great functional exercise because they help you with everyday tasks such as bending over to lift objects or simply sitting in a chair because they work the same muscles used for these activities.

In this article, we will specifically look at back squats and the benefits they bring.

How to do a back squat

You can perform a back squat by following these steps:

  • Pass under a bar bell leaning on a rack.
  • Position the feet in a normal squatting position.
  • Grasp the bar at a comfortable width with palms facing out and elbows drawn down and in.
  • Slowly step away from the rack three space steps and keep your chest high.
  • Plant your feet firmly and lower yourself into a squat position with your hips pushed back slightly and your knees bent forward keeping your back straight.
  • Drive upward from the squat position to complete one repetition, keeping the chest high and the core engaged.

What muscles are used in a back squat?

the back squat target the muscles of the posterior chain, including:

  • Loins
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • core muscles

Main benefits of the back squat

This exercise strengthens your back and legs, engaging all of your major leg muscles. So you can lift a lot more weight compared to other common movements such as goblet squats, lunges or leg extensions.

You’ll also see aesthetic benefits as your leg muscles swell after adding this move to your regular gym routine.

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