Beginning of the physical preparation camp without a head coach

ISLAMABAD: Physical training camp in Abbottabad has started at PT School without national team head coach Siegfried Aikman, who is expected to sort out his visa issues by Friday evening.

No less than 33 players showed up to camp out of 36 with two busy with F.Sc exams while the third was injured.

“We started training with 33 players showing up for camp at the PT school where opening day saw all get involved in indoor training under the guidance of expert coaches,” said said team manager Khawaja Junaid, who is handling the training session. ‘ from Abbottabad.

The physical training camp and the technical camp are intended to prepare the team for the 14th Commonwealth Games which will begin in Birmingham (United Kingdom) from July 28.

Meanwhile, Aikman, while speaking to ‘The News’ from Holland, said he was desperate to join the team.

“I miss the players association and I am really upset that I did not get the visa in time to travel to Pakistan before the start of the physical training session in Abbottabad. Players are more required to work on their physical fitness , which is of the utmost importance for their future association with the team, and I hope that two weeks of training will help them progress in this regard.

Aikman was due to return on June 14 to take the Commonwealth Games likely to Abbottabad PT School.

“It has been a tense wait for my visa. Now I hope to get the visa for Monday’s flight to Pakistan. After two weeks of training, our efforts would be to help the players reach a level of physical fitness where they feel comfortable throughout the 60 minutes of play. There should be no element of exhaustion throughout the game. I hope the expert coaches help the players achieve a level of fitness required for international sports The team’s head coach said there is a lot to work on converting the penalty corner.

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Richard V. Johnson