Benefits of Handstand Walking: What Muscles Will Handstand Walking Work?

JHandstand walking is a fun and unique form of fitness exercise. It makes your body move in a different way and there are many different benefits, both physical and mental, to performing a headstand.

In this handstand walking exercise guidewe describe how to do it safely and effectively, as well as the different muscles it works.

How do you do a handstand walk?

According to CrossFit, there are five main steps to being able to perform the handstand walk correctly. The five steps to a successful handstand walk are:

  1. Place your hands just outside of shoulder width.
  2. Make sure your arms stay straight.
  3. Make sure your abs stay strong, with your spin neutral.
  4. Allow your weight to shift to one side.
  5. Then move your unloaded arm forward and repeat this process.

What muscles will handstand walking work?

There are five main benefits of regularly doing the handstand walking exercise, which are:

  • It will improve upper body strength, especially in the shoulders, arms and upper back.
  • This will improve your core strength, as a handstand also works your abs, hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles, obliques, and lower back.
  • This will improve your breathing, as it stretches your diaphragm as you perform this exercise.
  • This will improve your balance, as it is an exercise that requires concentration and good balance.
  • This will improve your overall well-being, as a handstand walk stimulates overall blood flow around your body.

Of course, it can take some time to master hand walking, as it’s one of the trickiest exercises you can incorporate into your daily workout routine. But, if you’re patient and learn how to do it effectively, it can be a great exercise for working different muscle groups and improving your overall well-being.

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Richard V. Johnson