Benefits of knee pads

If you suffer from joint pain, especially in the knees, a brace can help. Wear one knee pad can help dull the pain so you can move more, which can also have therapeutic effects. There are many holistic health benefits to providing your knees with proper support.

So what are the benefits of wearing knee pads? Here’s what you need to know:

Pain relief

Perhaps the number one reason people keep wearing knee braces is to treat chronic pain. Knee braces are effective in reducing the swelling, inflammation, and discomfort that many experience in their knee joints. It is a viable treatment option for those suffering from arthritisOsteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, a knee brace helps hold the knee in a therapeutic position that aids healing. Knee braces can complement current pain treatment therapies, including medication. Speak to your doctor or practitioner to learn more.

weight support

If you have problems with your knees, it can be difficult to put weight on them – and the knee could give out, causing a bad fall. Since your knees are responsible for supporting all of your body weight, provide support and stability with a good quality knee brace.

If you have arthritis, knee braces can shift your weight to reduce pressure and strain on your knee joints. This allows you to move more easily, with more confidence and with less fear of falling.

Range of motion

Knee braces facilitate a wide range of motion for people whose knees are affected by medical issues or injuries. Certain diagnoses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling, infections, arthritis, and even just the aging process, can significantly impede range of motion and restrict the movement of your knees.

Since a brace tightens and keeps the knee stable, you’ll be less likely to strain and further injure the joint. Plus, it can speed up healing and recovery after injury or surgery. Talk to your providers to find out if this is suitable for your current condition.

Ease of use

There is nothing complicated or difficult about putting on and wearing a knee brace. They work well for patients of all ages, young and old. Some choose suspenders to wear over their clothes while others choose to wear them under their clothes. There is usually some kind of adjustable closure, like Velcro, which makes it versatile and flexible to wear and fit.

Additionally, contemporary knee pads and sleeves are easy to care for and often machine washable. Read the label to be sure, but know that most wash well in a washing machine with a mild detergent and air dry.

Knee stability

As mentioned earlier, a knee brace provides stability to the wearer. This is important to avoid injuring the same knee again. The brace keeps the knee intact, in a position deemed therapeutic for the knee joint. This also provides targeted pressure and heat to the knee, which can also help it recover and relax.

Over time, this knee stability can greatly contribute to your overall rehabilitation and prognosis.

Exercise Support

So, speaking of knee stability, a knee brace can also provide fitness and exercise support during workouts or physical activity. Consider how the brace holds the knee in place; this could be helpful when engaging in exercise programs or even physical therapy.

If you are recovering from a medical condition or injury, doctors often recommend light movement, such as walking, to rehabilitate the knees. A knee brace can help adapt to these activities, while leaving you less vulnerable to further injury or discomfort.

Blood flow

What makes a knee brace so effective at reducing inflammation and ease the pain? It has to do with how a knee brace promotes blood circulation, especially around injured or compromised joints.

A knee brace helps send proper blood flow to injured areas for faster healing and recovery. By properly oxygenating the muscles, you will feel better, move more easily and recover faster. It’s that simple !

Knee Brace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should you look for in a quality knee brace?

Look for quality suspenders and sleeves made from breathable materials in the USA. A sleeved style slips on like socks, while suspender straps are a bit bulkier. Wraparound braces are easy to put on, but make sure they fit snugly, as do open patellar braces, which need to fit snugly for the knee to rest in the depression or hole presented.

How to wear a knee brace?

How you wear a knee brace depends on the type you buy. A knee pad is pulled up – much like you would pull up a pair of socks – over the knee. You may need to move and adjust it to get it in the right position.

As for knee pads, they usually have adjustable straps with velcro to fit securely. These are best applied while standing, but if you’re sitting you can always make adjustments later while standing up.

Take care of the knee pads and sleeves according to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. Some can be washed like regular laundry and air dried, while others may simply require wiping with a damp cloth.

How to properly adjust a knee brace?

For a knee brace to properly meet the need and provide therapeutic relief, it must fit properly. Use a soft tape measure to find out your knee and leg circumference to find the right size. It’s not as easy as it sounds and an extra pair of hands is very helpful – try to recruit someone to help you as you need to stand up straight when measuring, not sit down. You should be able to find knee pads online that fit all leg and knee sizes – check them out for yourself.

Do not suffer from knee discomfort or pain – wear a brace. These are affordable and you will find a wide range of options, prices and braces online. Talk to your trainer, doctor, or practitioner to learn more about knee brace support and how they can benefit you in achieving your health and wellness goals.


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