Blazepod is changing the landscape of flash reflex drive systems

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BlazePod has become one of the best training systems for professional athletes in all sports. Thanks to BlazePod, athletes now have the possibility to choose from a multitude of activities to improve their body and work on their physical condition.

Being of high quality, high tech, weatherproof and impact resistant, Blazepod has become one of the best and most popular training tools in the world.

For Yaniv Shneiderman, CEO and Founder of BlazePod, the goal now is to make BlazePod accessible to everyone, not just teams and professional athletes.

Mr. Shneiderman spoke to me and about creating this state-of-the-art flash reflex training system.

“I wanted to bring this unique training experience to the mass market, allowing everyone to train and improve their reaction time and perform better.

The doubt (that this will become an effective training tool) is still there and we are constantly working hard to improve ourselves and make sure our community is getting the most out of BlazePod, ”Shneiderman said.

At the same time, BlazePod has changed the way athletes prepare for their matches and it is much more efficient than traditional training methods.

“BlazePod simulates real-world game scenarios, in which the athlete has to react to visual cues. Training the athlete’s body and mind regularly improves skills and performance in real play, ”added the owner of BlazePod.

In order to fully understand how professional NBA athletes benefit from this new training system, I also spoke with Haseeb Fasihi, who works for the Orlando Magic.

Specifically, Haseeb is the strength coach and responsible for player development for the Magic G-League affiliate team, the Lakeland Magic.

“I am very satisfied with the versatility of the product which offers different variations of exercises and parameters provided by the application. It’s a great tool that I use for warm-ups before games or practices. Ball handling exercises are of great benefit to BlazePod, ”he said.

Haseeb also explained how he prepares players to prepare for the difficult modes provided by BlazePod. “My biggest goal is to cognitively prepare each player for each set of challenging modes that BlazePod provides, as that can translate into the game of basketball.

One of the biggest uses of BlazePod for me is using it for one of our players in rehab. Stationary and dynamic ball handling progressions are used with the BlazePods, 3-6 Pods at a time.

One of our rehab guys is also color blind, so the color settings are something I use on top of what he’s already programmed. As the season starts soon for us in G-league. I’m excited to incorporate different uses and methods for rehab or pre-game preparations, ”Haseeb noted.

Overall, BlazePod has become a go-to option when it comes to training and match preparation. A state-of-the-art system that allows both amateur and professional athletes to train in the best possible way and improve both mind and fitness, Blazepod will certainly continue to grow in the future.

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