DrKumo to Demonstrate Remote Patient Monitoring and Health Benefits of Wearable Technology in War-Destroyed Areas of Ukraine

DrKumo will demonstrate the features and benefits of remote patient monitoring and wearable health technology in hostile war zones.

We are developing the world’s first highly secure wearable RPM solution that supports disease management protocols directly on a wearable device.

— Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO, DrKumo Inc.

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Technology leader DrKumo will showcase the features and benefits of DrKumo’s advanced remote patient monitoring and wearable healthcare technology in hostile war zones. US Marine Corps veteran Lt. Col. James McBride, a 25-year veteran and enterprise systems specialist DrKumo, will soon be deployed to the Ukraine disaster area with an international relief organization providing medical assistance to the victims of the conflict there, and veteran McBride will bring RPM technology and a wearable device with him.

“Being able to bring DrKumo and the most advanced wearable health devices with me to Ukraine, I will be able to use them in a real humanitarian disaster area to demonstrate the real-time monitoring and secure transmission of my physiological data in a hostile and unforgiving environment There’s probably no better way to validate DrKumo’s robust capabilities and advanced healthcare technologies, which will measure biometric data related to physical, mental, nutritional and sleep quality in a fully integrated platform. This data will be able to be securely monitored in real time on the other side of the world,” said James McBride.

“Having served overseas in combat zones with the military, I know the immense potential that these remote physiological devices could bring to the battlefield. It is very easy to imagine the benefits they could offer. helping to monitor and maintain the health and fitness of service members at risk, often away from any medical facility,” James said. “For example, a common threat on the battlefield is heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which can incapacitate a soldier or marine before they even encounter opposing forces. Our ground infantry routinely carry over 80 pounds of protective gear, weapons and ammunition on their bodies, often in intensely forbidden weather temperatures for hours on end. This type of RPM technology could help identify biometric information about a soldier’s or marine’s critical medical condition, such as high heart rate and low blood pressure, before they succumb to an injury caused. by heat. This would allow field team leaders to proactively prioritize the critical hydration of the right troops so they can stay healthy and effective on the battlefield, where every person’s contribution counts.

James added: “RPM devices such as these could help monitor the health of civilian victims of a humanitarian disaster, such as what is currently happening in Ukraine, where existing medical facilities are destroyed or overwhelmed. Thanks to this technology, victims of conflicts and disasters far from medical facilities can receive much better care than ever before. »

DrKumo RPM with state-of-the-art wearable health technology offers these amazing features and benefits:
• Military-grade durability (MIL-STD-810G) to withstand weather and temperature extremes.
• Disease Management Protocol (DMP) with military-grade cybersecurity and FIPS-compliant cryptographic algorithms. Utilizing the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework, the DrKumo Wearable application is the world’s first highly secure wearable application that supports Disease Management Protocol (DMP) and automates the collection and secure transmission of objective data and subjective health, fitness and activity via global network for DrKumo Intelligent Cloud Service even from hostile war zones.
• Automated collection and secure transmission of all vital and activity sensor data available from the wearable device, such as blood oxygen (SPO2), heart rate, accelerometer, etc.
• AFib ECG detection approved by the FDA. Measure your body’s performance during a workout and check your heart rate level. You can also check abnormal heart rate and rhythm via ECG and send the data directly to your healthcare provider.
• Advanced sleep analysis. Sleep is a big issue in hostile environments and/or disasters. Holistically detect and analyze your sleep stages while you rest. Improved measurement options allow you to check your blood oxygen levels and snoring habits.
• Track your physical progress with wearable health technology that easily measures real-time body composition, such as body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, body mass index, and more.

“By combining the robust cybersecurity reference model of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework and military-grade wearable hardware and software healthcare technology, we are developing the world’s first highly secure wearable. Remote patient monitoring solution which supports disease management protocols directly on a wearable device that operates from the comfort of our homes to hostile war zones,” said Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO of DrKumo.

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