Elgin County is holding search and rescue training exercises this week

Elgin County is set to host a large-scale, multi-agency search and rescue training exercise this week.

The exercise will take place near St. Thomas and Lake Erie Monday through Friday, May 13.

Provincial police say the exercise will involve a CC-130H Hercules aircraft and a CH-146 Griffon helicopter from the RCAF’s 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, along with Canadian Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary vessels. Canadian. There will also be a Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) civilian aircraft.

“This type of drill helps prepare crews to respond to distress calls that often save lives,” the Elgin County OPP said in a statement. “Training for these missions is essential to maintain the proficiency of crews, so they are ready to execute their missions safely alongside search and rescue partners.”

A CH-146 GRIFFON helicopter will be used in training exercises in Elgin County. (Photo via Royal Canadian Air Force)

One scenario will see search and rescue technicians being deployed by winch using different techniques for support vessels.

“Smoke markers will be used to indicate wind direction and approximate wind speed to ensure placement of rescue equipment and also to help locate people in the water,” the county OPP said. of Elgin.

The public will be able to see low-level search aircraft in the county as well as over Lake Erie.

“Some Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft are larger than many passenger planes and may appear to fly lower than they actually are.”

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Richard V. Johnson