Florida Blue Medicare Enhances Medicare Advantage Benefits to Improve Affordability and Accessibility for Floridians


More plans available with $0 copays, including on prescriptions, making hundreds of drugs available for free

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., October 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Florida Blue Medicare today released details of its 2023 Medicare offerings, which aim to provide Florida residents with affordable, high-quality plans that meet their evolving health care needs. Florida Blue Medicare’s new solutions will provide members with access to personalized, comprehensive and supportive services whether at the doctor’s office, while traveling or at home.

Medicare’s annual enrollment period opens tomorrow, October 15and crosses December 7for effective coverage January 1, 2023.

With many Medicare-eligible consumers particularly concerned about inflation and the rising cost of living, Florida Blue Medicare has sought to tackle one of the biggest obstacles to better health outcomes, medications. costly prescription. Many Florida Blue Medicare plans for 2023 now offer a $0 level 1 and 2 co-pay, allowing members free access to hundreds of prescription medications.

The tiering of preferred pharmacies has also been eliminated to simplify the process of selecting a pharmacy. It’s now the same lower cost share at any pharmacy in the network.

Florida Blue Medicare offers personalized home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so all eligible members can receive all of their primary care services from the comfort of their own home, including immunizations and imaging.

“Florida Blue Medicare is committed to providing comprehensive benefits and expanded programs,” said Kathy Feny, president of Florida Blue Medicare. “We have a long history of serving Florida residents and pride ourselves on understanding their unique needs. Our strong vendor collaborations allow us to offer more affordable plan options while providing access to great networks. , new tools and additional benefits.”

More … than one in five Floridians are enrolled in Medicare, and more than half of those beneficiaries enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Florida Blue Medicare offers a comprehensive suite of options so all eligible beneficiaries can choose the plan that’s right for them.

“We know that health care, especially for older people, is defined by their experiences outside as well as inside the doctor’s office,” said Camille Harrison, The Florida Blues Executive Vice President of Medicare and Director of Innovation and Customer Experience. “That’s why we focus on providing specialized programs and comprehensive care to ensure that we address all of the elements that help our members and our communities improve their health.”

Florida is also home to hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who have moved to the mainland but maintain close cultural ties with family and friends still on the island. To serve this growing community, Florida Blue Medicare PPO plans provide access to in-network care for members visiting Porto Rico.

Additionally, Florida Blue Medicare has expanded options in the Panhandle, providing greater choice in an area that has historically had more limited access to care.

Highlights of Florida Blue Medicare’s 2023 Medicare Advantage plans include:

Comprehensive and easy to use benefits

  • Exceptional additional benefits on most BlueMedicare Medicare Advantage plans: Members can access dental care, annual vision and hearing allowances, transportation for medical appointments, and money to buy over-the-counter products, like toothpaste and aspirin.
  • Freedom to use all pharmacies in the network: Florida Blue Medicare has removed the tiering of standard and preferred pharmacies, making prescription drugs from any pharmacy in the network available at a lower cost. The network includes regional grocers, national pharmacies and big-box retailers, as well as numerous physician partners with in-house pharmacies.
  • Elimination of tiering of PCP co-payments on Value LPPO plans: Now, all PCPs are available at a lower cost, with many plans to $0.
  • More robust support for dual eligible members: Those in greatest economic need, who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, will have access to additional benefits such as additional funds for groceries, as well as $0 co-payment for brand name and generic prescription drugs.

Florida Focused, Reliable Everywhere

  • Access in Porto Rico: Florida Blue Medicare PPO members can get care from in-network providers when they visit Porto Rico.
  • BlueMedicare Value PPO provides nationwide coverage: Members have access to coverage in 48 states, the District of Colombiaand Porto Rico.
  • BlueMedicare Complete Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)-HMO Extended Coverage Area: These specialized plans are now available in more areas of the state to serve the most vulnerable Floridians.

Adapted benefits for members with diverse needs

  • Additional benefits for members with chronic conditions: BlueMedicare Premier HMO plan members may receive additional benefits if they have heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD, or diabetes. For most members, benefits include extra money each quarter for over-the-counter medications, dietary consultations, free meals delivered to homes, free personal training sessions, and transportation services.
  • Improved dental benefits: BlueMedicare members who have been diagnosed with certain chronic oral health conditions have $0 copays for x-rays, fluoride treatments and deep cleanings.
  • Personalized health care at home: Eligible Medicare members have 24/7 access to their primary physician and care team through Emcara Health – including exams, tests, vaccinations and even imaging – from the comfort of their own home.

Industry-leading body wraps at no extra cost

  • Florida Blue Centers: Those looking for personalized support, help finding care resources in their community, or help finding a doctor can contact their local Florida Blue Center and speak with a nurse on the phone or in person. It is easy to find a local center at floridablue.com/center or by calling 1-877-352-5830.
  • meQuilibrium: This digital, self-guided and personalized program improves resiliency skills and helps with mental well-being and stress reduction from the comfort of home.
  • Caregiver support: Florida Blue offers digital tools, resources and personalized expert advice to help caregivers take care of themselves and their loved ones. The accompaniment includes financial advice, help in finding local resources for help at home or in a residence for the elderly and advice for managing family decision-making.
  • Healthy Blue Rewards: Florida Blue Medicare Advantage members can get between $160 and $220depending on the plan, in gift cards to local restaurants, retailers or gas stations when they perform healthy activities.
  • Access to Blue365: A free health and wellness discount program with exclusive discounts of up to 50% year-round on gym memberships, fitness equipment, healthy eating options and more.
  • Dad friends: Connects young, energetic adults (Dad Pals) with older adults who need help with transportation, light housework, errands, technical advice, and other senior support services, while providing the company.
  • Transportation: To ensure that transportation is not a barrier to care, many Florida Blue Medicare plans offer rides to doctor’s appointments at $0 additional charges.
  • Personalized management of conditions and advice: A team of nurses is dedicated to members suffering from complex injuries or suffering from chronic illnesses, very sick or at the end of life, offering support and assistance in coping with their illness, following their treatment plans and obtaining the care and the support they need.

About Florida Blue Medicare

Florida Blue Medicare is committed to helping our Florida neighbors live healthier lives. We offer a wide range of plan options, including Medicare Advantage plans, to give our members what they need to live their best life and improve their overall health and well-being. Based at Jacksonville, Florida.Florida Blue Medicare is designed for Florida seniors and proud to be affiliated with Florida Bluea health insurer serving Floridians for over 75 years. Florida Blue and Florida Blue Medicare are independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Learn more about FloridaBlue.com/Medicare.

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