For Community Transit drivers, benefits are the secret recipe to a great career

We have all felt the effects of the current labor shortage. But every cloud has a silver lining. There’s never been an easier time to find a job! But in a sea of ​​opportunities, how can job seekers find the best opportunity?

“It’s important to look at the full package when comparing options.” says Melissa Anderson, who works in Community Transit’s human resources department. “Benefits like health insurance and vacation pay add to the saved income.”

“Many have never heard of a pension, for example,” says Anderson. “It can be a game-changer for retirement planning.”

“A pension is a type of retirement plan that provides monthly income after you retire,” says Mary Lowery, transit benefits coordinator. “Pension payments last for the lifetime of the pensioner and, in some cases, may continue to be paid to the spouse of a deceased pensioner.” Generally, a person must contribute to a pension for a minimum period to qualify, also known as “vesting”.

Karren Hill, bus driver for Community Transit. Photo courtesy of Community Transit.

Karren Hill has worked as a bus driver for Community Transit for over 40 years and is looking forward to retiring at the end of July on her retirement pension.

“I’m retiring before I can collect Social Security and before I can get Medicare. The fact that I have this guaranteed income means a lot — I don’t have to worry about the stock market crashing or anything else,” she said.

In addition to the pension, Hill says she appreciates the large benefits offered by community transitincluding 95% of company paid medical premiums and 100% of company paid dental and vision care premiums.

“I like the fact that we have our choice of medical and dental options — and that we don’t have to pay high premiums,” says Hill.

At the top of a $5,000 Login Bonus, Community Transit drivers can earn more than $57,000 in the first year. Drivers also get 34 days of paid vacation, vacation, and accrued vacation in their first year.

“We also have physiotherapy and fitness rooms on site, as well as access to Employee Assistance Program resources. I used them when my husband passed away, and they connected me with an estate attorney and the first visit cost nothing. said Hill. “The company also pays you a fitness club benefit if you’re a member.”

“It’s a good job with lots of opportunities,” Hill said. “I like being alone without a boss looking over my shoulder. You’re not stuck in a stuffy office, you’re outside, seeing different things and people every day.

Community Transit hires bus drivers, mechanics, administrative positions and more. Learn more about benefits and vacancies during their monthly virtual career talks. Visit to learn more.

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