Get active with free activities for ParticipACTION in June

Mission, BC—The Town of Mission is offering a variety of free activities throughout the month of June as part of ParticipACTION, a nationwide community challenge. The month-long slate of events will kick off Wednesday, June 1 at Griner Park from 5-7 p.m. with activities for all ages, including games, fitness classes, and trail bike skills.

“There’s no better time for Mission to be active,” said Mayor Paul Horn. “After two years of hibernation, we can all exercise, and living in Mission means we have plenty of indoor and outdoor options. The Community Better Challenge is the icing on the healthy fruit salad as all of our activities combined can help us win $100,000 for a community project. We’ve come close to winning the grand prize in the past, but this year we want to be best in class, so join me and the Council in getting your body moving! »

The calendar of activities planned for this year includes walks, disc golf, hikes, initiation sports, fitness classes, and more.

“This year’s calendar is intended to provide residents of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to get out and try something new in a safe and inclusive setting,” said Louisa Fusco, Recreation Manager – Special Events. “I hope the range of activities on our calendar inspire everyone to get involved and have fun while they’re at it.”

Whether or not residents choose to get involved in scheduled events, the overall goal of ParticipACTION is to become active in some way. From walking to gardening to washing up, every gesture counts.

Residents who download the ParticipACTION app are encouraged to count their minutes to help Mission win a prize. The community with the highest logged minutes can win up to $100,000.

In 2019, Mission received the BC Community Award and presented a prize of $10,000. The funds were donated to local community groups in the form of micro-grants.

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Recreation Animator – Special Events
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Office: 604-820-5367
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