Great Chain Robbery: Shimano components for 10,000 bikes stolen from HGVs by criminals using sleeping gas

BIKE FUN International (BFI), the largest Czech bicycle producer, has been the victim of a shocking robbery at a motorway service station which saw Shimano components for 10,000 bicycles stolen by a gang of criminals, a criminal gang has revealed. the society.

The theft took place on January 21 while a lorry driver was taking a break at a German motorway rest area and implicated the well-organized gang who allegedly released sleeping gas into the cabin before looting the components.

Two weeks later, the offenders have not been caught, with BFI now warning other producers that bicycle components could be a new target for organized crime.

Of the cargo, laden mostly with expensive e-bike parts, only nine boxes of low-end components were selectively left in the truck, while potential evidence in the rear of the vehicle was ‘masked’ inside the truck. using a fire extinguisher.

BFI has already warned customers that the incident will cause further delays in an already troubled supply chain and could delay production of some Superior, Rock Machine and other brand bikes by up to a year.

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The producer said the theft was particularly disturbing given the planned nature of the crime and that “in all likelihood the truck had been tracked from the time it was loaded”.

BFI hopes to replace some stock or production components, but fears the loss will have a significant impact on future production.

“We have never seen this situation before,” BFI supply chain manager Petr Krkoska said in a press release detailing the crime. “Even Shimano has not been confronted with a targeted theft of an expedition of a similar magnitude. We hope that due to the shortage of parts, these cases will not happen again. Despite all the measures we have put in place, no insurance can compensate us for the loss.Especially the reputation of late delivery.

“We have decided to communicate this case to warn other producers, because it could also happen to them. The situation for bicycle producers around the world is really difficult. We are facing a huge demand, but there is an even greater shortage. large number of components.

“This will delay the production of some models by almost a year as there is no alternative on the market for most parts in this shipment. We are a strong and stable company, so it is only ‘one of many hurdles we face, but if it happened to smaller manufacturers it would be a sellout.”

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Richard V. Johnson