Gym trainer assaulted girl under pretense of training, case filed


Mumbai: A 25-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at a West Malad gymnasium in Mumbai. The 35-year-old coach was arrested by the police following a complaint by the victim. A policeman from the Charkop police station said the girl had filed a complaint for assault at the police station. Act on which the culprit was arrested.

Police said the criminal gym trainer had worked at the gym for four years. Under the guise of training, he touched the girl inappropriately. Even before that, the girl had given him many warnings but he did not back down from his actions. Then the girl had to ask the police for help. The culprit has been arrested, the official said. A case of indecent assault has been registered against him under the relevant sections of the Indian IPC Penal Code. This matter is taken very seriously.

The same police interrogate the culprit and try to find out how many women he has already committed such an act with. The entire criminal trainer journey is being digitized. Apart from this, the police are also questioning the owner of the gymnasium. Police are also scanning CCTV footage in the gymnasium.

Here, a case was recorded against 1000 villagers simultaneously, do you know why?

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