Hampstead Dance Fitness Teacher on Mental Health Benefits

10:09 November 21, 2021

The benefits of dance fitness run across all areas of our lives, from building confidence to improving cognitive skills. When you choose fitness dance as a workout, you are guaranteed to experience additional mental health benefits that other workouts might not offer.

Work these brain cells

Brain health has become increasingly relevant in recent years. Several studies have shown that dancing can dramatically improve your brain health by stimulating your brain at different levels.

Copying the movements we see quickly, staying in tune with the rhythm of the music, and remembering the movement patterns challenges our brains to form new neural passages.

The deepest brain challenge in fitness dance is practicing the same choreography over and over again over several classes, which allows us to memorize the routine without too much conscious effort.

By simultaneously adding more complexity to the movements and making slight changes from class to class, the approach will always be fresh for your brain and create new connections between brain cells.

Rock him with more ease and grace

Coordination and balance go hand in hand. As your coordination skills increase, so does your ability to balance. Through fitness dance, you can dramatically improve your ability to use all parts of the body in unison in a smooth and graceful way.

Repetition and practice are the magic words for improving coordination and balance. While taking a fitness dance class, you hone all of your cognitive skills by copying your instructor’s movements.

And with each class you take, your ability to translate movements quickly improves, as does your sense of balance.

Balance and coordination are physical abilities, but when it comes to mental health, they also play an important role. Feeling more stable, grounded, and in control of your movements has a direct influence on how good you feel about yourself.

Cordula Neckermann, from Hampstead
– Credit: Cordula Neckermann

Dancing is a moving meditation

Meditation, in its traditional form of sitting down and standing still, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. But you can also get the positive effects of meditation by dancing. The first step in meditation is to keep your mind from wandering and focus on the present moment.

When you attend a dance fitness class, you quickly realize that there isn’t much brain capacity left to think about anything other than movement and music. By creating one-point focus, you allow your mind to take care of just one thing, letting all of your other stresses go away.

It takes a bit of practice to be able to let go and get lost in the music and the movements. On a mental health level, letting go and focusing on the present moment can be a tremendous stress reliever.

Holding onto too much perfection in life can take a toll on your mental health. The practice of letting go of perfection in a dance fitness class can have a positive influence on your daily life, as well as your mental health, reminding you that moving forward is sometimes more important than perfection.

Posture, confidence and power of expression

Posture, confidence and expression are closely linked in dance as in life. With good posture comes confidence and an increased ability to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings well to others.

Think of the dance floor as a testing ground for expressing yourself. Music has a stimulating effect to inspire and motivate us. Maintaining our upright posture while our legs are in a twist … this can be very helpful, not only on the dance floor, but also in dealing with the things of everyday life.

Side effects can include falling head over heels in love with your workout

We can fall in love with dance over and over again. There is so much variety out there. Dance fitness always has something new to keep us coming back for more.

When you enjoy your workout, you will happily come back for more, again and again and in turn staying happy, healthy and fit.

If you’ve caught the dance bug, come join me at the Rec Club for a fun dance and fitness class. Visit CordiPower.com to reserve your spot or email me to set up a free trial class.

I can’t wait to dance with you soon!

Cordula Neckermann is a yoga and dance teacher. Visit www.cordipower.com to book or send an email to [email protected]

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