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ROHTAK/CHANDIGARH: Denying poaching fears prompted Congress to move all its MPs from Haryana to Raipur ahead of Rajya Sabha elections, former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Saturday they were not following there than a party formation. Asked about three MPs who skipped the event, he said MP Chiranjeev Rao arrived there on Friday while MP Tosham Kiran Choudhry had to stay away for health reasons.
On Adampur MP Kuldeep Bishnoi, Hooda said if he wanted to speak to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he was free to do so before Rajya Sabha was elected. “Kuldeep is a party MP and Rahul Gandhi is the party leader. Meetings shouldn’t be a problem,” he added.
Lashing out at INLD leader and Ellenabad MP Abhay Chautala, Hooda said: “He asked the farmers to vote against the BJP-JJP coalition in the elections. He is expected to reveal if he will vote for the same candidate supported by the BJP-JJP or candidate for Congress.”
Hooda, who is also the leader of the opposition in Haryana, expressed his strong displeasure with the government’s announcement to move the Rohtak Mini Secretariat and Judicial Complex out of town and added that he would not won’t allow that to happen while he’s alive. The government has neither spoken to district deputies nor consulted with members of Rohtak’s bar office in this regard, he said. “If the government takes such a decision for the benefit of a few people, it will cause a lot of trouble for the people of the region. Along with this, hundreds of millions of rupees will be needlessly spent on the construction of new campuses,” he added.
Meanwhile, in Raipur, some senior lawmakers claimed Congress was in a comfortable position to secure victory for party candidate Ajay Maken despite the entry of an independent candidate. In addition to holding interactive sessions, they even pursue their individual interests.
NIT Faridabad MLA Neeraj Sharma said: “I am quite comfortable here and I recite Ram Katha. Those who want to listen come and join me in the room, otherwise I do it alone. People in the constituency are in contact by phone I talk to my family once a day.
Bharat Bhushan Batra said the weather was relatively better during the morning hours. “I prefer to take long morning walks and other fitness activities. We also have discussions with MPs during the day and these revolve around all issues, including the presence of an independent candidate” , did he declare.
Deputy Opposition Leader Aftab Ahmed said: “We have different experiences here. MPs discuss issues related to their constituencies, emerging situations, etc. votes than the required quota?

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