Hotworx Knoxville Franchise Owners Talk About Infrared Saunas And The Benefits Of The CASPR System For Growing Community

KNOXVILLE, Tenne inflammatory and anti-aging effects. The owners of the Hotworx Knoxville franchise chain, Jen and Robert LeBus (pronounced “lee-bis”), aim to bring these benefits to more people as they grow.

“We want to create a culture around these – a culture of safety, health and wellness,” said Robert LeBus, co-owner of the Hotworx Knoxville franchise. “And really, for the same price as a dinner party with a bottle of wine, you get unlimited use for a month here, 24/7, it’s such a small investment in your health and your well-being. And this is something that we have proven over time that you are going to use it.


Hotworx (also styled as HOTWORX) is native to the state and is a virtually educated exercise program that users can experience while performing workouts inside a patented infrared sauna. Hotworx officials claim results and benefits include “muscle recovery, pain relief, stress reduction, weight loss, increased calories burned, detoxification, lower blood pressure , cellulite reduction, improved circulation and anti-aging and rejuvenation of the skin. Hotworx was founded by Stephen P. Smith in 2014; then expanded the 24-hour Hotworx fitness studios and franchises in 2017.

Infrared saunas

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What is an infrared sauna and why do people train in it? According to the Mayo Clinic, an infrared sauna uses light to create heat, while a traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air; an infrared sauna directly heats a person’s body. Several studies have examined the use of infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, type diabetes. 2 and rheumatoid arthritis. However, larger and more rigorous studies are needed to confirm these results, reports the Mayo Clinic, because some of these studies were also done with patients using a traditional sauna. In contrast, no adverse effects have been reported with infrared saunas.


In Knoxville, the use of this infrared technology coupled with that of “CASPR IN DUCTThe Complete Disinfectant Solutions air purification system is part of the Hotworx Knoxville owners plan to provide a safer workout environment for customers. The technology was originally created with NASA for its space lab explorers in small ships.

“CASPR has really brought all the validation by third parties, all the medical validation, all the validation of the tests in progress since the 60s which says:” this thing does what is said “, and since we integrated it, we now know we have absolutely one of the safest places to exercise – because we’ve invested in it, ”said Robert LeBus.

All three Hotworx Knoxville locations have the CASPR IN-DUCT installed in the HVAC system. Complete Disinfectant Solutions claims that it is an innovative “touchless” disinfection technology that helps create Hydrogen peroxide oxidants that kill pathogens and fight bacteria, viruses and mold – as well as odors. After seeing the results at their Hotworx studios, Robert LeBus purchased the local distribution rights – and they donated the system to others such as Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) and also donated the system to sports facilities around the world. Bearden High School.

Growth of franchises

Kim Betts, Jen LeBus and Robert LeBus at the Hardin Valley Hotworx studio. (Photo: Melanie Vásquez Russell / WATE)

The couple were drawn to the Hotworx franchise after Jen LeBus tried it out and found it had more benefits than her previous workout regimes. growing up in the Bearden area and now raising her family there, she knew more women would be interested.

“Women usually don’t take care of themselves, they are helpers of almost everyone in their life, even their friends before them,” said Jen LeBus. “When they do things, they work full time, they are moms, or take the dog to the vet, the kids to school or the kids to practice. So when you can go in and do something in 15 to 30 minutes that you can feel as good as you do, it would otherwise take longer – it’s a 60 to 90 minute workout that you get in 15 to 30 minutes plus the benefits of infrared.

The LeBuses are licensed in three current Hotworx locations: Cedar Bluff, Hardin Valley and Fountain City (which is currently on pre-sale); another location is in preparation for Farragut approximately 14 months. The majority of their clients are women and the capacity of these sites may soon become limited as access to 24-hour classes is set on a pre-programmed schedule, making a total of 240 classes per day.

As membership grows, owners and managers say a waitlist may become a reality, but they will stay focused on the customers they have.

“Our main goal is to make sure that the women, who are our primary clients, feel safe and know what to expect from these programs,” said Jen LeBus. “Men come here too, usually for recovery workouts, and we welcome them. It’s not just a gym.

What happens when you train at Hotworx?

What Happens When You Visit a Hotworx Site? Managers or coaches at the chosen location walk you through the documents and then settle in for the workout you have chosen; either high intensity interval training / HIIT (Hot Cycle, Hot Blast or Hot Row) or isometric / ISO (Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Core, Hot Buns, Warrior, Hot Barre None, etc.). Each workout has a virtual trainer that is displayed on a TV screen in each infrared sauna. Shoes are required for HIIT workouts, while ISO workouts require specialized thick Hotworx mats (a regular yoga mat would melt on the sauna floor and is not allowed), towels, and bare feet. HIIT workouts only last 15 minutes, while ISO workouts last around 35 minutes. Each infrared sauna can accommodate three people at a time. Hydration is key, as is a towel for sweating.

“Some people are initially intimidated by the idea of ​​working out in a 130-degree (Fahrenheit) sauna, but once they try it, they feel the difference, the benefits of infrared, and they usually leave here feeling better than when they arrived, “said Kim Betts, general manager of Hardin Valley Hotworx. “When people come in, it’s sometimes so emotional – they come here with the stress of their days – and leave here feeling much better. It does something primarily for women who are… “All things” for their family – and they can come here and feel like they’ve accomplished something for themselves and walk away with a smile. “

Kim Betts, manager of the Hardin Valley Hotworx. (Photo: Melanie Vásquez Russell / WATE)

Betts has been part of Hardin Valley Hotworx since the site was a gravel pit and she says she’s committed to helping clients stay consistent and achieve their goals.

“It goes beyond health,” Betts said. “Infrared saunas offer so many benefits beyond sweating – stress reduction, anti-aging, their skin rejuvenates – I see it every day. They’ve literally tried other places or other workouts, it’s too much time or effort or they get lost in big area places – they aren’t lost here, and that’s for sure.

The hours of operation for Hotworx Knoxville locations are 11:00 am to 8:00 pm weekdays; the studios have 24-hour access for members only after registration.

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