How the FlipSled Tool Could Offer Strength Benefits

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FlipSled may sound like a snow day disaster, but it’s actually the name of a strength machine that more and more power hunters, functional fitness buffs, and soccer stars are using to build up power.

Dubbed “the most versatile training sled on the market”, the FlipSled started making waves among soccer players in 2018. But its recent feature in Wodapalooza 2022, an annual CrossFit festival, has brought more attention to the tool than ever before.

But who exactly is the FlipSled for and how do you use it? Read on for the full breakdown.

Simply put, the FlipSled is an all-purpose strength tool that is a combination of two other heavy-duty strength tools.

“The FlipSled combines the capabilities of a tire flip and a push sled into one,” says Luke Narveson, business development representative at Airborne Athletics, the brand that oversees the FlipSled.

To visualize it, imagine what it would look like if the deadlift trap bar and flip tire had a baby, and you’ve got the gist.

About the size of a full size mattress, the FlipSled is 30 inches (in.) wide, 24 in. high, and 61-67 in. long (depending on model).

Equipped with handles all along its edges, the main difference between a tire and this tool is that this tool has handles and padding, which makes it both easier and more comfortable to maneuver.

As you might guess from the name, the FlipSled was primarily designed to be flipped over like a tire and pushed like a sled.

As such, Narveson says this tool allows you to reap the benefits of these moves. Including:

  • improved explosive power
  • muscle development from head to toe
  • increased comfort in multiple planes of motion
  • better general cardiovascular conditioning

These benefits can be valuable to anyone, but could have particularly notable payoffs for football players, rugby players, strongmen, CrossFitters, powerlifters, Olympic lifters and other athletes looking to improve their power or skills with oddly shaped devices.

Don’t read badly: the FlipSled is not fair to flip or push!

It can also be:

  • survey
  • drawn
  • hurry
  • squatting

“You can chest press, front squat, deadlift, and shoulder press with the FlipSled, to name just a few of the other exercises you can do with it,” Narveson explains. (For detailed instructions on using the machine for these exercises, go to FlipSled Blog).

In summary: one of the most notable benefits of the FlipSled is all you can do with it! “You cover a lot of different equipment needs with this one piece of equipment,” says Narveson.

Because the FlipSled is still so new to the market, chances are your gym or CrossFit box doesn’t have one…yet.

But you can buy one for your garage gym or try to persuade your local gym owner to invest.

Right now the only place to find one is on the FlipSled websitewith three different models currently available:

FlipSled FS100

FlipSled FS200

FlipSled FS300

“All three models have the same functionality, the difference between them is the weight you can load on them,” says Narveson.

The FS100 model, for example, can only be loaded up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for young athletes, speed demons, and weightlifters new to working with odd objects.

The FS300, on the other hand, can be loaded up to 690 pounds, making it the right option for experienced lifters, team work, and people with serious strength goals.

“It should also be noted that the FS100 model is 6 inches short,” he adds. This shorter height makes it a good option for shorter athletes. Think high school students and anyone under 5ft 3in tall.

Weight plates are *not* included with purchase. Already have weight plates? Fab, use them.

Otherwise, you will have to buy some from a manufacturer like Thug fitness, TitanFitnessWhere Fitness Rep. Narveson recommends opting for iron plates or Olympic rubber plates. “Thicker 3-inch weight plates are a bit thick and can make it difficult to put the clamp on,” he explains.

New fitness accessories and strength training tools are appearing on a regular basis. But given the success the FlipSled has already had within CrossFit and the soccer sphere, it might be reasonable to predict that this tool is here to stay.

This type of training can help you target muscles for increased power development and better cardiovascular conditioning. So whether you’re an active athlete or just trying to raise the bar on your home gym equipment, investing here could pay off.

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