“I think yoga is so calming and it’s one of those activities I do that I completely lose myself when I do it”

Emma Raducanu, who is nursing a back injury ahead of her first French Open appearance, recently opened up about her daily routine.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Raducanu explained how yoga helps “keep flexibility” and has a calming influence on her.

“I do yoga because I think it’s important to keep flexibility because we find ourselves in all kinds of positions on the tennis court,” Raducanu said. “I think yoga is so calming and it’s one of those activities I do that I completely lose myself when I do it.”

Much has been said about Emma Raducanu’s frequent coaching changes. She parted ways with Andrew Richardson after his US Open triumph and more recently with Torben Beltz. The Briton said that while people might think such frequent changes were ‘crazy’, she trusted her ‘decision-making’.

“It’s definitely a trip [where] I learn along the way, but that’s just what works for me as an individual. It might not work for someone else and people might look at me like I’m crazy, but I trust my own decision making and my own beliefs about what I think is good for me. . I’m quite confident in the way I work and in my mindset and my vision of how I approach my tennis properly,” she said.

Emma Raducanu also described her “intense” fitness regimen and stressed the need for “rest days”.

“During a week of training, I would probably wake up, do a good warm-up [for] 20-30 minutes, then go on the court for an hour and a half, have lunch, then go back on the court for another hour and a half. And then probably do an hour, an hour and a half in the gym at the end of the day and then a treatment to keep my body in shape. It’s pretty intense, and it really asks a lot of you. It’s important to keep rest days as well,” she said.

“Be curious and ask questions, then you will learn from many people” – Emma Raducanu

During the interview, when asked about the best advice she’s ever received, Emma Raducanu said curiosity and asking questions helped her “learn from a lot of people”.

“Probably, be curious and ask questions,” she said. “I think it’s something I definitely do in my life, especially in my tennis – every coach and everyone I meet. Then you learn from a lot of people and you can apply it to your liking and select which parts you want to apply and which you don’t, but at least you have the options.”

Although Raducanu has admitted that she needs to improve in “relaxation”, she likes to take a bath with Epsom salts after a long day of training.

“I probably need to get better at relaxing because I don’t really make time for myself, but I really like taking an Epsom salt bath after a long day of training,” he said. she declared. “Especially if you’ve been training a lot, [it feels like] you really deserved it. The problem is getting out of it. I just turn into a shrunken prune because I can’t bother leaving because I’m so comfortable.”

The defending US Open champion reluctantly admitted that her parents’ advice “has always been good” and that they “just know better”.

“I’m mostly going to ask my parents for advice because they were kind of always right, even when I didn’t want to admit it. In the end, no matter how much later, if I look into back, yeah, okay, their decision was probably the right one. They just know better and it sounds so cliché, but it’s kind of true,” she said.

Edited by Nihal Taraporvala

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