Illinois Craft Brewers Overhaul Passport Program To Reach Customers Stuck At Home

Struggling Illinois craft brewers are tweaking a summer promotion to conform to the new realities of the pandemic.

During a normal summer, the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild issues passports to hobbyists to be stamped at state-owned breweries. Get enough stamps, earn a reward.

This year, due to the coronavirus, “Passport at Home” encourages enthusiasts to request a “passport frame” – a small cardboard photo frame that looks like a passport – when picking up beer or delivering it.

Take a photo with the items purchased in the frame and post it on social media using the hashtag #PassportAtHome to be entered into a weekly $ 25 gift card to a participating brewery.

The Passport Home program begins Friday and continues until June 4.

Over 100 breweries participate in the program, most in the Chicago area.

Brewers could use the business.

“On average, brewers are down about 70% in terms of revenue,” Danielle D’Alessandro, executive director of the Guild, told the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday.

“Most have decided to stay open. We have seen two breweries in Illinois that have closed so far last month, ”she said. One was downstate; the other was Argus Brewery in the South Side Pullman neighborhood.

“Brewers continue to innovate and get creative,” she said.

Richard V. Johnson

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