Iranian Hulk continues his wild training for a boxing match by taking full body punches

The Iranian Hulk is doing whatever it takes to prepare for his fight against Martyn Ford.

The Iranian Hulk adopted crazy training methods as he prepares for his boxing match with Martin Ford. This has included unorthodox works intended to strengthen its core. This time it’s a method that is often used by fighters but it’s still wild to behold. Sajad Gharibi shared a video on Instagram taking punches all over his body with his hands behind his head.

Gharibi and Ford are scheduled to step into the ring on April 30. This match, originally scheduled for April 2, will take place at the O2 Arena in London. It’s a long overdue fight and both competitors have personal feelings attached. It’s clear that the Iranian Hulk is going to do whatever it takes to compete.

Heading into April, Ford is a heavy favorite in the game. He holds a height advantage at 6ft 9in, compared to Gharibi’s 6ft 2in, with a longer reach. Ford also trained in many fighting styles and took advice from some of the best fighters in the world, including Rico Verhoeven. As for the Iranian Hulk, he won’t back down from a challenge.

Since the fight was announced, Gharibi has been seen implementing training styles that few would attempt. This included breaking through concrete walls and fighting off a group of men trying to bring him down. Recently, a core strengthening technique was to get hit in the midsection with wooden planks. Now he’s moved on to full throttle punches.

Whatever the reason for these techniques, it only matters to Gharibi and his coaches. Ford and the Iranian Hulk once faced off and there was a lot of animosity on both sides. Each fighter tried to take down the other in different ways. This is why this fight is highly anticipated.

There will be a crowd of 20,000 fans in the legendary O2 Arena to watch the Iranian Hulk and Ford settle their differences in the ring. Both fighters now have more time to prepare as they use it in different ways.

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