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Iran’s UN mission issued a response to the UN General Assembly’s First Committee on October 18, rejecting allegations against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Emphasizing Iran’s thorough, constructive and cooperative responses to IAEA questions, the mission rejected the misguided and fabricated information provided by the Israeli regime.

The declaration is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Merciful.

Mister President,

I must take the floor to exercise my delegation’s right of reply to the unacceptable statements made by certain delegations concerning Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme.

Mister President,

Unfortunately, some European countries that ignored their obligations regarding the JCPOA and Resolution 2231 continue to ignore the underlying causes of the current situation and present a misleading narrative of why we are here, attributing certain lies and fabrications to my country.

While Iran’s nuclear commitments were tied to the effective lifting of all sanctions as well as the normalization of Iran’s trade and economic relations, the fact is that the sanctions are still in place. Moreover, Iran is not benefiting from the economic dividends promised in the agreement, let alone attempts to reopen the problems that had been resolved.

Within the framework of the JCPOA, other parties have committed, and I quote, “to ensuring access for Iran in the areas of trade, technology, finance and energy”, end of quote. Specifically, the United States, in addition to its obligation to lift sanctions against Iran, has explicitly committed, and I quote, to “do its best, in good faith, to support this JCPOA and prevent any interference in the realization of the full benefit by Iran”. the lifting of sanctions”, end of quote.

Let me remind these delegations that in defiance of Resolution 2231 and in flagrant violation of international law as well as the Charter of the United Nations, the United States withdrew from the agreement on May 8, 2018 and reimposed unilateral sanctions

However, Iran decided to continue to honor its commitments, validated by the IAEA on 15 occasions, after being promised and assured by the European participants in the JCPOA that they would compensate for the losses suffered by Iran.

We continue our corrective actions as the non-compliance of other parties’ commitments continues, the sanctions remain in full force, the policy of maximum pressure is still in effect, and the suffering of our people continues. Nevertheless, as soon as the other parties fulfill all their obligations in a complete, effective and verifiable manner, Iran will immediately reverse all its measures. However, the suffering of our people due to the failure of other parties to fulfill their commitments is almost completely irreversible.

I would like to emphasize that all of our nuclear activities are fully compliant not only with our rights and obligations under the NPT, but also with the IAEA Safeguards Agreement.

We responded to all of the Agency’s questions in a thorough, constructive and cooperative manner. We have also clarified our view on the allegations based solely on the erroneous and fabricated information provided by the Israeli regime, which did everything in its power to kill the JCPOA. We reject and condemn any irresponsible and illegal statements and actions of this illegitimate regime which, in addition to committing the fundamental crimes of international law, totally defies regimes banning or regulating non-conventional and conventional weaponry. This regime with its dark past of terror and contempt for any proliferation regime and threat to use nuclear weapons, has no moral basis to preach proliferation.

Mister President,

On another point, the proliferation risks of the planned transfer of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium and relevant technologies to handle and process these materials to Australia by the United States and the United Kingdom under the trilateral security known as AUKUS should not be ignored.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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Richard V. Johnson