Is weight training or cardio a better workout for you?

The benefits of cardio are only in the name of the workout; it helps your cardiovascular health. According to women’s health, one of the main benefits of adding cardio to your activity is how it improves your heart health and your ability to keep going. Aerobic exercises like running allow the heart to pump oxygen more efficiently throughout your body, so the more you run, the easier it gets and the better you can do it.

Cardio helps boost brain power and boosts your cognitive performance to stay sharp. A to study published in the Journal of Gerontology indicates that people who do cardio regularly show a significant reduction in brain tissue loss over time compared to those who do not exercise. Another benefit of cardio is that it helps lower blood pressure. Health line says regular cardio can help manage your high blood pressure symptoms and keep it regulated.

Cardio training also causes a change in white blood cells (WBC) which are our body’s immune system to fight disease. Medline Plus encourages people to do cardio because their white blood cells will circulate faster and help you catch illnesses earlier so you can treat them before they get worse. Does that convince you to take up running or add other forms of cardio like swimming or cycling to help with your routine?

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Richard V. Johnson