Jacqueline Fernandez ‘bows to the almighty kettlebell’; know the benefits of training with the equipment


When it comes to fitness, Jacqueline Fernandez sure knows how to regularly play her game. To do this, she tries a myriad of exercise variations and forms that not only help improve her health, but also provide much-needed motivation. The same was clearly visible in one of her latest social media fitness posts in which she bowed ‘to the almighty kettlebell’ before a workout with her trainer Shivoham.

In the photo series, Fernandez posed with a kettlebell – known to be exceptional for developing full-body strength, mobility and endurance. The Vikrant Rona The actor’s trainer shared the photos, which he captioned, “Let’s all bow to the almighty kettlebell.”

What are kettlebells?

Made of cast iron or cast steel with a handle attached to the top, kettlebells are used to perform dynamic strength and endurance exercisesRachit Dua, senior fitness consultant at Team Aminder and co-founder of Fitpathshala, told the outlet in an earlier interaction.

How is it beneficial?

According to Varun Rattan, co-founder of The Body Science Academy, Noida, kettlebell training combines cardio and strength training.

“Swinging the kettlebell increases your pulse; making it a great cardiovascular workout. One can derive maximum cardiovascular benefits from exercises like swings with minimal stress on the joints. One can also gain power by performing explosive moves like snatches. Kettlebell exercises work your whole body,” Rattan said. indianexpress.com.

Kettlebells have a thicker grip than dumbbells and dumbbells, which builds grip strength and develops forearms, Rattan said while mentioning that being compact, kettlebells don’t require expensive brackets and can also be tucked away in a corner.

“They are suitable for working out anywhere – a park, indoors, in a gymnasium or even at home. The use of this equipment is safe for healthy people if they use the weight and form,” he said.

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