K-9 police recover from rattlesnake bite during training exercise

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (Arizona’s Family/Gray News) – A K-9 is recovering after being injured during a training drill on Wednesday.

Casa Grande Police Department officer Thomas Scheurn said his K-9 partner Deutz was bitten by a rattlesnake that day, as reported The Arizona Family.

“We were walking around a vehicle; he was doing a fake drug snort,” Scheurn said. “As we were walking around the vehicle, Deutz started crying, and I looked at his foot and saw some blood on the top of his foot.”

Scheurn said Deutz received a rattlesnake vaccine but knew he still needed antivenom. He started calling animal hospitals.

Deutz was taken to the Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center for treatment, and after spending the night returned to Scheurn’s side.

“He did pretty well here in the hospital,” veterinarian Ryan Reeves said.

He also said a few pets come to the hospital with rattlesnake bites each week, and pet owners can discuss the option of a rattlesnake vaccine with their veterinarian.

In regards to Deutz, the police department shared on their social media to keep the community in their thoughts. Reeves said the K-9 is already back on its feet, which is a good sign.

“He is 100% part of the police department; I got a slew of text messages and calls asking about where Deutz was and how he was feeling, and it shows how much people care and love him,” Scheurn said.

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