Learn more about the health benefits of AquaFit

Want to have fun in the water all year round, but not quite ready for swimming?

Try Aqua fitness! It’s great fun, not too difficult, and you can do it wearing whatever you want, even your glasses. Aquafitness is any form of activity practiced in water that provides well-being and contributes to good health. Here are some of the health benefits of trying an AquaFit class.

It’s low impact

This activity has all the benefits of a gym workout and also the benefits of being in the water. A water workout puts less stress on joints and muscles because the water supports the body while you move, making it easier. This makes it a great exercise choice for people with arthritis or mobility issues, and for people after surgery or just returning from exercising. It puts less strain on the heart as it pumps blood throughout the body.

AquaFit activates and strengthens muscles as you fight against the push of water. Some classes use equipment such as water weights or kick boards, which help build muscle mass. Water also supports balance to build strength and capacity against falls and injuries. The impact of gravity is less in water, so the range of motion can be greater.

The water is nice

In hot weather, working out in the pool helps keep the body cool. It’s more motivating to train in a cool environment. Water is a temperature regulator and distributes heat around the body and helps prevent overheating during exercise.

It burns calories

You may not feel like you’re working out, and believe it or not, that’s another benefit of choosing AquaFit! It looks more like fun. You can get your recommended minutes of exercise each weekhave fun with your group and burn 300 calories per hour. It’s not competitive and no one is judging your style or your stamina.

The workout is as intense as you want it to be

An AquaFit workout combines cardio and resistance. Do jumping jacks, jogs, leg lifts and arm kicks to popular dance music. It’s motivating and challenging, and it’s a workout for anyone of any age or fitness level. There are many different exercise styles and musical options with an AquaFit class, and a good instructor will suggest modifications as needed.

Talk to your doctor about how an in-water workout can help you. You don’t have to be a swimmer, or even put your face in water if you don’t want to!

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