Lululemon introduces new memberships with tons of perks for (paying) customers


lululemon takes customers silver well-being into account with a brand new tiered membership program. The Vancouver-based fitness brand has created two tiers, Essential and Studio, that can lead to big savings…if you’re willing to invest.

Members who register at either level will be able to get easier feedback, early access to lululemon product shipments, community experiences, and lululemon Studio courses.

“From the gear you’ll wear to classes and the community cheering you on, we’ve got you,” lululemon wrote in an emailed statement.

lululemon Essential is free to join and offers members “benefits to help you achieve your goals,” lululemon said. Benefits include early access to product deliveries, sale item returns, select lululemon Studio content, virtual community events, fast and receiptless returns, and free hemming. Not too shabby, right?

As for lululemon Studio, you will need a Workshop mirror, which is the brand new and innovative home gym technology. It gives you access to over 10,000 world-class workouts. You’ll also get 10% off lululemon gear, 20% off at partner studios, unlimited experiential store classes, and early access to lululemon events. While this all sounds great, your wallet will be the one that gets the most workout.

The lululemon Studio subscription costs $49 (plus tax) per month with a 12-month commitment and can be shared between six profiles. The Studio Mirror runs at a hefty price tag ranging from $995 to $2,145. In other words, this mirror is your new best friend.

Proprietary technology can be purchased on line or at select stores. Tissues and ice cream can be purchased at your local convenience store.

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Richard V. Johnson