Machine Preacher Curls: Benefits, Tips and Techniques


Machine preacher curls are a great way to develop peak biceps and are a great variation to add to your regular bicep workout routine.

However, auto preachers may not be available at all fitness facilities. If you want to do preacher curls, you can either do them on an incline bench or use a preacher curl pad. The best course of action is to go for incline barbell preacher curls if the machine is not available.

Usually, preacher curls target the long head of the bicep more than the short head. Since the long head is responsible for peaking the biceps, it’s important to do exercises that activate the long head more than the short head. Machine preacher curls allow you to add intensity or volume with ease, as you can easily adjust the weights.

How to make machine preacher curls?

The machine comes complete with a seat, backrest, front pad, bars and a weight stack.

To get into position, adjust the seat so that you can place your arms on the front cushion. Adjust the backrest so that you can use it as a support without having to move from your seat.

Choose a weight that your muscles can support. If it’s your first time using the machine, it’s better to start with a light weight. After selecting the weight, place your triceps on the front pad and hold the handles with each hand. Usually a hand grip is used for this exercise.

To do the exercise, pull the handles toward you using your biceps, but your elbows and triceps should not leave the front pad. Hold and squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement before lowering the handles.

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Tips for Using Machine Preacher Curl

When using the preacher curl, you should not dive into heavy weights. It is important to understand movement and form before doing this. Additionally, exercising with lighter weights can help you develop a muscle-mind connection, which helps when you increase your weight.

You need to control your breathing when using machine preacher curls. You should exhale as you pull the handles towards you and inhale as you lower the handles.

If you have balance issues during exercise, you can keep your core engaged. This will help you with stability and balance during exercise. However, you must first ensure that your feet are firmly on the ground and that you are not rocking back and forth during the exercise.

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Benefits of Preacher Curl Machine

Preacher curls come with benefits that conventional bicep curls don’t. First, preacher curls allow you to control the negative much better than bicep curls. The more negative you control, the better for muscle growth and strength.

Second, preacher curls are done entirely using your biceps. You cannot use body momentum or swing your hands to do the curls, which you can do in the case of dumbbell bicep curls. Therefore, this exercise ensures that all the work is done by the biceps, with no other muscle groups to support it.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, preacher curls allow you to focus more on the long head of the biceps and develop the peak of the biceps.


If you have access to a machine preacher loop, you should use one. However, remember that preacher curls are a variation of bicep exercises. You can use other exercises, such as focus curls, incline curls, cable curls, and others, as well as preacher curls to properly build your biceps.

At the end of the day, you should do exercises that work both the short head and the long head of the biceps muscles.

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