Major emergency services training exercise underway in Birmingham city center

Residents of Birmingham city center are being warned in advance that if they see a heavy presence of emergency service vehicles on the streets overnight they should not be alarmed as all 999 staff are involved to a training exercise. Police, fire and ambulance services are involved in the exercise.

Emergency services including the West Midlands Fire Brigade, West Midlands Police and Ambulance Service are taking part in a joint initiative between 1am and 5am on Sunday morning which will see a heavy presence of vehicles on the streets of the downtown. Trouble-eyed residents and late-night revelers returning home are reassured that nothing terrible has happened, but a routine exercise is underway until Sunday morning.

West Midlands Fire tweeted at 12.01am: “If you see and hear lots of ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles. Between 1am and 5am in Birmingham city center overnight don’t worry We are joining 999 colleagues to participate in a training exercise to test working together.”

The West Midlands Ambulance Service added: ‘We are joining 999 colleagues to take part in a training exercise to test working together.

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Richard V. Johnson