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I would like to comment on Roger Marolt’s e-bike column (“Hi-diddle-dee-dee, e-bikes aren’t for me”, Aspen Daily News, August 9). His comments disregard the entire Aspen-area community regarding his e-bike column.

We just visited our son in Aspen who serves your community in a supervisory role at the hospital. My wife and I are in our early 60s and are and have been active in outdoor recreational activities. We were impressed with your outdoor options to keep us healthy.

My wife and I recently purchased an e-bike so we can continue to keep in shape and enjoy the wonderful experience we’ve had over the years with our Trek hybrid bikes and the open trails. Electric bikes give the aging part of your community the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

I don’t know if Roger has investigated e-bike classifications or not, so to educate him there are three classifications, one of which prohibits the use of throttles. This means that you have to pedal for the motor to assist you. Ratings can also limit bike speed to 20 mph. My wife and I enjoy our e-bikes and ride weekly to help us maintain our health and fitness goals. Eliminating this opportunity for your community, in my opinion, is selfish and controlling. I hope Roger will reassess his assessment to come up with a solution for the bike lanes that the whole community can benefit from.

Dan Schäfer

San Diego, California.

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Richard V. Johnson