Martyn Ford Outlines His Intense Training Plan For Iranian Hulk Grudge Fight

Ford has revealed he is following a new training plan ahead of his boxing debut against ‘The Iranian Hulk’ which includes rehabilitation, physio and sparring sessions.

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Martyn Ford shows off her workout routine at the gym

Martyn Ford is following a strict new training regimen which includes sparring, physio and rehabilitation sessions ahead of his boxing debut.

The British star is famous for his love of fitness and has documented his plans on his social media, which has more than three million people.

He will face a new test in athletic competition as he steps into the ring against the Iranian Hulk who is also famous for his physique on social media.

Ford has now explained how his training schedule differs and began training this week ahead of the scheduled April 2 fight.

“The time I spend training hasn’t really changed from what I’ve been doing for many years, I just adapted to the stimulus,” Ford said. Battle Mirror .

“So we’re training four to five hours a day right now and then rehab three times a week. I also have physical therapy every week to allow me to really move forward and make that transition to weight lifting.

“And now going to an explosive sport with a lot of movement was one where there were some hiccups initially in the sense that the body needs time to adapt by dropping the weight and changing the style of coaching.

“Also, the amount of anaerobic and aerobic training required that I hadn’t been used to for a few years was something that I knew was going to be a hurdle to overcome. I tried to approach it as reasonably as possible.

“I’ve been sparring. We’ve been training since last week now. In terms of names, no one is outstanding yet, for me the importance of fighting is always this educational process. I don’t want to put myself down. pressure of having to train at a good level or having to record it.

“I’m a pretty private person. I’m not an idiot and naive because I know it’s a journey and you have to make mistakes to get better. You can’t just think you’re a great boxer. This fight is not me wanting to fight Tyson Fury next I just want to enjoy it and then go get rid of someone else.

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Ford is known for his strict fitness regimen and offers online coaching for people looking to transform.

The British star also trains frequently in the MMA cage and previously signed to Polish promotional label KSW with a view to making his debut.

He hopes for a future in the fighting ranks but admitted his build is better suited to the cage.

“I still have 23 stone so I’m bouncing back with a lot of weight, which really doesn’t lend itself to being a boxer,” Ford continued. “Does it lend itself to being dangerous and horrible inside a cage? Potentially.

“So it’s like I love boxing and its elements, but I always think about 1-2, shooting a takedown, elbows in your face and breaking your knees. But you can’t do that in boxing. But I fall in love with the sport and watching the professionals move and how they create traps and space, body movement.”

VIP packages and tables for the fight between Ford and Hulk can be purchased for the event via the BOXSTAR website here.

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