Mental stimulation activities to improve memory, creativity and knowledge

Many of us do weight training a few times a week for lean muscle, weight training to prevent joint problems, cardio to stay lean, and other things to keep our physical health at its peak. But we don’t engage in brain-boosting activities to improve our mental acuity, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

The lack of enthusiasm for mental health is due to the fact that we humans mainly focus on our physical health to gain muscle power and beauty. But this is a serious error that must be rectified as soon as possible. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of good mental health and how to achieve it.

The need for brain-strengthening exercises and activities

The brain is the most diverse and crucial internal organ. Therefore, it requires special attention. It processes the reception of information, regulates our functions and, above all, interprets our emotions. It is the source of our creativity, our intelligence, our spirit and our memory. Moreover, our brain continues to function even while we sleep. Below I have described three essential rationales for improving cognitive skills to support my point.

Delay the deterioration of mental health

You may know that our mental health begins to deteriorate with age. It’s no surprise that older people have trouble remembering things. Accordingly, to delay worsening mental health due to the age factor, engage in simple brain workouts.

Brain workouts improve neuroplasticity, which helps prevent conditions like memory loss, dementia, anxiety, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and bipolar disorder, to name a few .

Improved memory

A task, challenge, or problem forces the brain to work harder, resulting in a sharper and wiser intellect. Make a habit of solving or learning things every day to improve your memory capacity. For example, you can complete a math challenge whether you’re a student, professional, or stay-at-home parent. Of course, math problems are tricky and therefore a great challenge for the brain. Try to solve the problem by yourself.

If you fail, you can get help from educational platforms. You can check the homework answers on Sweetstudy for statistics. Try to understand the answer, and if you have any questions, post them on the platform’s community. This will help you break down the solution and improve your memory capacity. Similarly, you can increase your brain by solving puzzles, playing cards or socializing.

Better cognitive ability

As noted earlier, brain-stimulating activities promote neuroplasticity. The handles of neuroplasticity influence our physiological and behavioral attributes. It is therefore essential to feed it. So you have to challenge yourself for faster and more efficient cognitive performance.

So, by now you’ve probably realized how important it is to keep your mental health in check and at its best. Now, to achieve this, practice and implement the following empowering suggestions.

Brain stimulation activities you should do

Even if the brain works non-stop, give it an activity to do. Try engaging it in different ways to get adequate activity without feeling boring. Below is a list of some great exercises that you could include in your daily routine. Soon you will notice an improvement in your artistic skills, greater memory capacity, and faster but improved brain functions.

  • Engage in physical activity: Exercising, working out, walking, playing sports, or engaging in any other physical activity has a positive impact on mental health. So, add it to your daily life to ensure good brain health.
  • Practice meditation and yoga: Meditation stimulates the processing function and memory capacity of the brain. They also help reduce anxiety and stabilize heart rate.
  • Enrich your vocabulary: Improve the perceptual and acoustic functioning of your brain to become smarter by expanding your vocabulary.
  • Sign up for Tai Chi training: It increases brain volume by promoting brain function. In addition, tai chi strengthens memory, relieves stress and improves sleep quality.
  • Listening to music and learning an instrument: these two activities stimulate your artistic talents. Do these things to improve your creativity and mental abilities.
  • Learn and teach a skill: To improve brain connectivity and improve brain function, adopt a skill and teach someone something new. Consider learning software, hockey, a language, or something else that interests you. Also, teach someone a skill you’re best at, whether it’s drawing, dancing, the language you’re good at, or anything else.
  • Learning a new language: Learning a new language since multilingualism has been linked to cognitive benefits like greater visual-spatial abilities and intellectual enhancement.
  • Learn Dance Moves: Did you know that learning to dance can improve your brain’s processing speed and memory? It is, so sign up for a dance class now.
  • Play brain games: Brain games are great for mental health. Solve a Rubik’s cube, play cards, try a puzzle, play games like chess or sudoku to see your brain work smarter, better and faster. Your concentration will also improve.
  • Sleep well: Get at least 7 hours of sleep to support brain health. Sufficient sleep reduces mental fatigue, regulates metabolism and also improves recall ability.


So no matter your age, gender, or physical health, you can hone your mental abilities such as better processing power, enhanced creativity, enhanced visuo-spatial ability, intelligence, and develop a healthy brain.

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Richard V. Johnson