Mike Tyson on the benefits of meditation: “I almost die when I meditate”

Although the sport has seen many legends rise to fame, only a handful of stars possess the kind of reverence that sees fans’ knees twist and legs slack simply from the sight of their last name inscribed on a jersey. of team. But such status belongs to Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion who appears to be defying the aging process with a commitment to his workout routine and the promise of a comeback (despite being in his 50s). .

Tyson was certainly known for his right hook and top cuts, but he’s now making a name for himself as a shaman. In a recent podcast episode of his show Hotboxing with Mike Tyson, the sports star spoke about his views on the state of modern boxing before getting into the meditation. In recent years, meditation has gone from a fringe activity to mainstream. Only a decade ago the practice would have been associated with athletic hippies, but now it’s a beloved ritual of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and simply those looking to center themselves or practice gratitude in the morning. And even Tyson sings his praises.

Even just five minutes of meditation has been linked to improvements in mood, attention span, problem solving, and stress management. Of course, Tyson doesn’t do anything halfway and so when he goes to meditate, he prefers to go deep. “I pretty much die when I meditate,” he said. “I’m like a borderline shaman, I use plant and animal medicine. I won’t say I’m enlightened, but I’ve had divine feelings…I’ve been told that silence is the language of God, and that’s why we meditate.

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Richard V. Johnson