MMA Fight: A Surprising Benefit Of Training In The Heat

Training in the heat offers many benefits, from improved aerobic exercise performance to increased fitness and more. According to research, heat acclimatization helps improve the power output of trained cyclists by 5% and increases blood plasma volume by 6.5%. Additionally, heat training increases VO2 by 5% at a cool temperature while it increases by 8% at a hot temperature. In addition, when you exercise regularly at high temperature, your rowing performance increases and improves.

Using the sauna directly after training has myriad benefits for MMA fighters, ranging from increased aerobic endurance, reduced resting heart rate, and improved heart rate recovery.

Heat training offers other benefits. This article explores some of the surprising benefits of training in the heat:

Improves physical fitness

One of the significant benefits of training in the heat is that it dramatically increases fitness. In addition to improving sweat rate, exercise in the heat increases an athlete’s blood plasma volume, leading to better cardiovascular fitness.

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Heat training also helps lower blood lactate, increase skeletal muscle strength and more. Athletes who train in the heat tend to be in better physical and mental shape than those who train in cold climates. Indeed, training in the heat increases your body’s adaptability rate and allows you to perform in all weather conditions. There is a lot of training in the heat: running tips for training in the summer resources you can easily use to improve your fitness as an athlete.

Increases flexibility

Another function of heat training is that it can help you become more flexible and bend. The heat helps to relax the muscles and gives an extension of range of motion. This gives you the opportunity to take a more difficult position, which is essential in the case of yoga.

Reduce Calories

One of the key benefits of training in the heat is that it can help burn calories. It takes more energy to train in a hot environment than in a cold environment. And heat has been scientifically proven to help suppress appetite while working out in a cold environment increases it. If you are an athlete and need to burn calories, you should start training in the heat. You will lose a lot of calories in no time.

Increases the ability to cool down

Heat training helps cool the body. Indeed, one of the proven methods of cooling the body is to pump blood to the surface of the skin. When you frequently

expose and train your body to heat, this initiates this process at a lower temperature, which ultimately results in a more efficient method of cooling.

Improves blood lactate

Your lactate threshold determines the limit of your aerobic capacity. Training in the heat can help improve heat tolerance and, therefore, increase lactate. Heat acclimatization helps increase the lactate threshold in a cool environment.

Additionally, heat training can help increase blood plasma volume. Research on the heat acclimatization response in athletes has found that those who train in hot temperatures regulate sweat better than those who do not. Indeed, they would sweat sooner or have a colder resting temperature.

Increases mental toughness

When you train in the heat, it would require more focus and concentration than when you train in the cool temperature. The heat raises your heart rate, increasing your run of perceived exertion and pace range. Exercising in the heat can help you be mentally and physically prepared and give you an edge when it comes to adaptability.

Helps to adapt physically

Another benefit of training in the heat is that it helps you physically adapt to any heat condition. Suppose you are an athlete and you find running quite difficult in hot weather conditions. In this case, it is advisable to adopt training in the heat as it would make you more physically adaptable and help you compete more effectively. Exercising regularly in the heat will allow your body to dissipate heat better. Doing aerobics in the heat sets off a chain of adaptive responses in the body. It helps to increase your plasma volume, myocardial efficiency and much more.

Physical gains

Another important benefit of training in the heat is that it can bring about physical gains. This happens in the sense that it dramatically increases the stress load on your body, which positively impacts your current and future performance. For example, some athletes find it easier to run when they have adapted to changing temperatures and conditions.

Psychological benefits

Another huge benefit of training in the heat is its psychological benefits. Training in the heat not only provides physical benefits, but also has a psychological impact on you. There are a lot of psychological benefits when you train because you are constantly pushing your limits. It helps you feel comfortable with discomfort in competition and training. You are not only working your body, but also exercising your brain.

In conclusion

The benefits and advantages of heat training in endurance performance are numerous. Whether you compete in hot or cold climates, training in the heat can dramatically maximize your performance. Training in the heat helps your body adapt to a wider range of temperatures and improves your mental, psychological and physical well-being while preparing you for competition.


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