More than 100 people gather for a large-scale training event by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Members of the Southeast Pennsylvania regional task force gathered in Philadelphia on Saturday for a large-scale training that included several exercises.

“It’s great to see the months of exercise planning, months of reviewing the threats and hazards in our region to understand what we should train and train for,” said Dominick Mireles, Vice President of the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Task Force.

About 100 people from five counties participated in the training.

Officials said much of the planning is happening behind the scenes to coordinate training efforts. They look at past disaster situations to understand what they have learned and how to put it into practice.

“A lot of these are real-life situations that we try to emulate every day, so it’s a good thing we’re coming together given our partnership with the counties,” said Derek Bowmer, chief executive of the service. Philadelphia fire.

It is a regional partnership between five counties of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Delaware.

Although the counties worked closely together during the day, the collaboration did not stop there.

“Even bringing everyone together, people change, practices change, equipment changes,” Mireles said while talking about the importance of in-person training.

Bowmer says regional partnership with federal funding is key. They regularly work with each other and the funding helps them, among other things, to obtain new equipment.

The large-scale exercise had a six-year hiatus. A longer than normal break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managers say in-person training is key to improving their skills on the job.

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