Nabil Lahlou (67.5 kg) lifts 362.8 kilograms (800 pounds) in training


67.5 kilogram powerlifter Nabil Lahlou was coming out of the Good Guys UN Invitational 2022 meet, where he lifted a world record 318 kilograms (701 pounds) when he ventured to the Quad Strength System gym in Woodbury, NJ. Many might suggest it would be hard to top yourself so soon after toppling the record books, but Lahlou didn’t share that sentiment.

Lahlou deadlift nearly 100 pounds heavier than the competition. On October 21, 2022, the “French Phenom” pulled 362.8 kilograms (800 pounds) in coaching. The huge lift can be seen in the Instagram reel below:

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Lahlou said he weighed 73.9 kilograms (163 pounds) at the time of the lift. He was shirtless and wore a weightlifting belt when he approached the dumbbell. He used lifting straps for the deadlift, which would not be allowed in raw competition. Nevertheless, the bar was loaded with eight 45-pound weights weight plates on each side as well as 10-pound, 5-pound, and 2.5-pound plates.

Lahlou took his traditional sumo stance, secured his grip on the bar and fired. He initially struggled to innovate, but the helm went straight to the lockdown once he did. He fell to the ground after lowering the bar, but was unharmed.

According to the caption of the post, this was a long-term goal for Lahlou, but it was not planned when he started the session that day.

800 finally arrived! I wasn’t even supposed to deadlift, but as I felt the warm-ups I knew I had something decent in me.

The lift was 4.9 times his body weight, which is a remarkable feat considering he shot 4.7 times his bodyweight in competition less than two weeks earlier. If he were to compete in the 75 kilogram division at a competition, this is the weight he would have to pull without straps if he was to break the world record. The current record for the 75 kilogram division is held by Adlet Moldagaliev, who shot 362.4 kilograms (799.1 pounds) at the 2022 WRPF Asian Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

As of this writing, there is no official word on when Lahlou will compete again.

Featured Image: @kinng_67 on Instagram

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