New Orleans Pelicans Allow Zion Williamson to Participate in Full Team Activities

Eearlier this week, Zion Williamson rumor had it that he might get the green light to return to 5 vs 5 activity with the New Orleans Pelicans. Late Friday, NBA The teams announced that medics had given the young player the full medical permit to return with his teammates. Earlier Friday, he played a full game in 4v4 and had no type of problem with his injury. After the news broke, the plan is to get Williamson in great shape between 2-3 weeks, but he will probably have some playing time against the thunder to December 15. After the latest scan results were released, doctors no longer saw any damage to his fractured right foot and allowed him to resume exercise.

In a team press release, New Orleans Pelicans shared the big news with the rest of the world: “The New Orleans Pelicans today announced that the forward Zion Williamson was allowed to participate in the activities of the full team. Williamson, who underwent imaging on his fractured right foot on Wednesday, November 24, was medically cleared by Dr Richard Ferkel from Southern California Orthopedic Institute and Dr Scott Montgomery from Ochsner Health. Williamson played 4v4 across the court today and will continue his progress towards the return to play. An estimated date to return to play action has not been determined.

Can Zion Williamson Overcome His Overweight Problems?

In the middle of his overweight problems, Zion Williamson should take a little longer to get back to your best form. However, the player has a huge opportunity to prove what he’s made of based on how long it takes him to get back to his previous weight and speed. Obviously, If weTeammates are delighted to see him train with them again, given how serious this season without him is. If all goes well, the young star can come back and play against OKC Thunder or Milwaukee Bucks. But everyone just wants him to make a full recovery so he doesn’t get another injury in the same area.

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