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The growth in women’s tackling was demonstrated during the recent Panorama Platypi training session for their Under 12 and 14 at Learmonth Park. The players were subjected to a mix of fitness and football drills to help them prepare for the new season of the Western Women’s Rugby League. Western Rams coach Kurt Hancock brought his experience to the table to help with drills during Thursday’s session, and will continue to work with the younger age groups over the coming weeks. Platypi Under-12 coach Rachel Connors said it was great to see so many girls entering the younger age group of representative competition eager to try their hand at tackling . “The girls love to be here, and the growth of the game has been huge. They eat all this practice and they just want to play more and more,” she said. “This girls’ tackling side has been so good not only for Bathurst, but also for Orange, Mudgee and all over the region. Connors said the fun factor is the number one thing for her to remember. “In our under 12s, we want above all to see them have fun,” he said. “They will learn the basics while playing, so enjoying it is the main thing.” The Western Women’s Rugby League is a great avenue that has emerged for the region’s top talent to try and progress to the highest level. It has also seen great learning opportunities open up for girls in the region. “Before the closing there was a Zoom meeting with the tackle girls from St George,” said Connors. “A lot of the girls under 12 jumped in to ask questions. They were very excited to come see the girls play. It’s really a good thing to see.” Officials are still looking for more nominations for the Under-12 and Under-18 age groups ahead of Platypi’s Western Women’s Rugby League games next year. Platypi chairman Mick Roels recently said that the growth of the game’s women’s tackle edition is such that he plans to replace the league tag format in the future. He also believes that a regular winter competition for girls under 10 could also be considered, with sufficient support. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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