Personal Air Purifier Advantages | Shashi Tharoor always wears a personal air purifier around his neck; Know the benefits of using this device


Kozhikode Congress Leader and MP Shashi Tharoor inaugurates the “Indian Constitution” led by Indian Lawyers Congress in Kozhikode on November 20, 2022

As the mystery surrounding Congressman Shashi Tharoor’s strange smartphone-like device is uncovered, many are now very interested in knowing more about the personal air purifier than the 66-year-old politician or even the actress. of Bollywood Yami Gautam wears around his neck.
The 24/7 portable air purifier, also known as Air Tamer A310, is an electronic device that protects its owner from airborne viruses and air pollution. In short, it’s a blessing in disguise for people living in heavily polluted areas who can use this gadget to keep the air around them clean.

Working on advanced ion technology, it traps negative ions surrounding the owner and emits cleaner air for the wearer. An electronic gadget with an on/off button, it has an LED function that turns green when the device is on and red when it is charged.

Benefits of Personal Air Purifier

– Since it works on advanced ion technology, approximately two million negative ions are emitted from the device which contains a black brush at the top.

– These negative ions come into contact with pollutants in the air and transfer their charge to them, thus making the air clean around the owner.

– Is extremely easy to carry as it comes with a bracelet which can be worn as a necklace and consists of a metallic design which is stylish to carry anywhere.

– According to several tests carried out to verify the effectiveness of the device, it has been proven to protect the owner from seasonal allergies.

– Has no maintenance costs since there are no components to remove and clean. Runs on HEPA technology and has a special air filter that does all the work efficiently.

– It has no motor installed and hence the device runs smoothly without making any noise. Additionally, it has a long battery life so that the person using the device can enjoy clean air for longer periods of time during the day.

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