PFF installs GPS system at footballers’ national training camp


LAHORE: The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has implemented a state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) to train national footballers for upcoming international engagements.

Commonly used for athletics around the world, the GPS technology and VO camera will now be installed at the national footballers’ ongoing training camp here.

The newly installed technology would benefit national coaches to assess and help each athlete improve their fitness based on their needs.

VO camera assistance will also be used throughout the training. 36 players have been shortlisted to prepare for upcoming international commitments, who will undergo several training sessions to improve both their physical and playing skills.

The details further suggest that overseas fitness trainer Rodrigo Steves subjected the footballers to a sustainable VO2max test on Tuesday, which assessed data on players’ endurance and strength.

Speaking on the occasion, the head coach of the Pakistan men’s football team – Shahzad Anwar – said that the federation pays attention to each player to improve their physical condition and skills.

“We try to improve each player’s abilities carefully, to this end we also rely on the latest technologies,” Anwar said.

“So we hope that by improving skills and physical condition, they can prepare for significant challenges, in the next phase there will be more physical tests, in light of which each player will receive a training plan according to their needs,” he concluded.

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Richard V. Johnson