Planning to get in shape this summer? try these recreational activities at RK Beach Road, Vizag

RK Beach is the only destination where every Vizagite likes to hang out. Whether for walking, celebrating birthdays or enjoying delicious street food. This famous scenic spot can be called a thrill for the people of Vizag. Visit the road in the early hours of the day and you will be surprised how important physical fitness is to the people of Vizag. Walking being one of the most common activities, did you know that there are many other activities that locals take part in every morning to keep fit. Beach Road is particularly closed to automobile traffic every morning in order to meet the fitness needs of the inhabitants. Try one of these activities at RK Beach Road, Vizag.

Here is a list of recreational activities that Vizag locals love to do every morning at RK Beach Road.

#1 Yoga and open gym

Planning to get in shape this summer?  try these recreational activities other than walking on the RK Beach Road

Serene ocean views make RK Beach Road the perfect spot for yoga and meditation. The ocean waves are sure to calm your mind and help you have a productive day. At sunrise or sunset, take a walk on the beach and find a spot in one of the parks, and enjoy some quiet time for yourself. The open gymnasiums built on the coastline, especially at RK Beach, are perfect for those who want to exercise a particular muscle. Be careful as the instruments could be hard on your muscle joints. Go slowly.

#2 Cycling

The long stretch of RK Beach Road is perfect for anyone who enjoys cycling. One of the best fitness regimes, you can see people of all ages cycling down the beach road every morning. The beach breeze is sure to give you an extra boost. Make it a habit on weekdays or weekends, this recreational activity will help you achieve the fitness goal you’ve set as your resolution for this year.

#3 Skating

Are you planning to indulge in a new sporting hobby? Skating is a perfect choice. The smooth roads of the RK Beach Road are perfect to start with. You can see children and young people learning to skate here every morning. If you want to take professionally taught lessons, just head down the beach road and you’ll find plenty of them. What could be better than skating by the ocean?

#4 Volleyball

Have you ever played volleyball on the sand? Surprisingly, it is also a difficult sport. However, if you’re up for the challenge, head diagonally across the RK Beach Road from the Novotel, where you’ll find a professional sand court. Enjoy a game with those who play it regularly, or take your gang out for a fun game. You will be surprised how playing on the sand changes the whole dynamic of the game. The ocean waves give that vacation effect.


Planning to get in shape this summer?  try these recreational activities other than walking on the RK Beach Road

How about badminton with a beach view? Wondering how to play with all that wind? The RK Beach Road sub-road opposite the Novotel is the perfect place to play badminton. Locals can be found enjoying a good game near the large blue sheets blocking the wind. Why play every day on the same road near you? Come and enjoy a match with a beautiful sunrise.

#6 Cricket

The parking areas built by the RK Beach Road are used as cricket grounds every morning before the city traffic takes over. The beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal and the rising sun is an advantage of playing cricket here. Pack up a gang of 11 and head to the beach road for an energetic cricket match every morning.

There are plenty of healthy post-workout options you can indulge in at RK Beach Road. Try the town’s famous Raagi Malt at any stall on the beach trail, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Let us know which of these activities you like the most or any other sport you do with your friends on RK Beach Road, Vizag.

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