PNBA Rich Frye lists the benefits of natural bodybuilding at age 57


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PNBA athlete Rich Frye lists the benefits he’s noticed from natural bodybuilding and being drug-free.

Some bodybuilders choose to dope while others don’t. And those in natural bodybuilding leagues such as the International Natural bodybuilding The Association (INBA) / Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) league is prohibited from using drugs such as steroids. Although natural bodybuilders are not as muscular as bodybuilders who use performance enhancers, staying natural has many benefits. PNBA Rich fries lists the few benefits he got from natural bodybuilding at age 57.

Rich Frye participated in Natural Olympia 2021 and placed 10th in the PNBA Men’s Bodybuilding Grandmaster Class. Rich Frie said:

“Live 57 Years Natural Competitive Bodybuilder. Benefits of being drug free, I have no injuries, no joint pain, I have a healthy libido, my body works efficiently. No tricks or secrets, just a good constant nutrition and training.

You can see his Instagram post below.

Natural Bodybuilding and Longevity

Rich Frye isn’t the only natural bodybuilder touting the benefits of going natural. Many other natural bodybuilders have praised natural bodybuilders for their healing effects. For example, the INBA PNBA houses the International Battle Against Cancer 2022, inspired by INBA PNBA athletes who have battled cancer, survived cancer, or whose loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer. And some participants have overcome their struggles with disease through natural strength training.

Additionally, other natural bodybuilders have been able to stay in excellent shape for decades and gradually compete at an elite level. For example, PNBA Hall of Famer Chad Martin recognize that there is a anabolic window for the age that is best for optimal performance. However, he also points out that by staying “natural forever” and living a healthy, natural, drug-free lifestyle through good training and nutrition, you can stay fit, healthy and strong throughout your life. He plans to compete in his 19th Natural Olympia this year.

Another PNBA athlete, Michael Ferencsik, a vegan and animal rights activist, says there are many things you can do to boost your testosterone levels naturally before considering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). 2019 Natural Olympia Men’s Physique Champion Joseph Ortiz Says Natural Bodybuilding Is The fountain of Youth.


The INBA PNBA does not take its screening tests lightly. They want to ensure the safety of their athletes and fair competition. Therefore, the INBA PNBA screens all of its athletes through the most prestigious drug testing guidelines for professional athletes, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

AMA’s variant labs will detect drugs that may fly under the radar through other testing parameters. For example, it happened to last year’s former Natural Olympia female bodybuilding champion, Jill Kolivoskibefore failing a drug test administered by the INBA PNBA (while passing one in a separate league).

All INBA PNBA competitors who fail a drug test conducted at any time of the year, whether in-season or off-season, will be disqualified from competition and required to forfeit their money, prizes and titles. In addition, they will be uploaded to the hall of shame.

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