PNW Components Coast handlebar tape adds comfort and grip to drop bars

PNW recently looked into some new mountain bike grips, but now it’s time for the drop bar. Splitting their wares between the MTB and road/gravel worlds, it makes sense that PNW would add the new Coast bar tape to their lineup—and in a typically PNW stylish way.

PNW Components gray handlebar tape

Grip in all conditions is important to PNW – it’s right there in the name. The Pacific Northwest is known for its wet and sloppy conditions, which is why their new Coast handlebar tape is designed to be as grippy as it is comfortable. Made from polyurethane with an embossed PNW pattern for a non-slip surface, the tape has a nice sticky feel.

PNW Components handlebar tape orange

Details of the Coast handlebar tape

Measuring 2.4mm thick at the center and 1.2mm at the edges, the tape rolls are 30mm wide with an overall length of 2000mm to accommodate wider bars. Underneath there’s a 6mm wide adhesive strip to help it stay in place, even if you’re not very good at wrapping bars.

Product details:
● Shock absorbing material
● Non-slip surface
●Embossed PNW pattern
● Matte black anodized bar end caps
● 6mm wide double-sided adhesive tape underneath
● 99 grams in total (including caps)
● Length: 2000mm
● Width: 30mm
● Height in the middle: 2.4 mm
● Edge height: 1.2 mm

PNW Components handlebar tape orange

Each set includes premium matte black anodized lock bar end caps and textured finishing tape to finish the look. All told, you’re looking at 99g including the sockets.

PNW Components Handlebar Tape Colors

PNW Coast handlebar tape colors and prices

● Power cut
● Cement gray
● Pacific Blue
● Pink car wash
● Really red
● Safety Orange
● Seafoam teal

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