Private Client by Bupa offers an impressive collection of luxury benefits that keep clients in top condition

In order to meet the demand for leading medical and health services from high net worth individuals, premium life insurance brand Bupa Global has extended to luxury private “life care” services with their new offer, Private client by Bupa.

Wealthy individuals have spent, on average, more than £ 120,000 on medical and health treatment since the Covid-19 pandemic, in a bid to stay in peak condition and increase hope, according to a new study from the company life of at least 10 years. The study also detailed the number of HNW people who divide their day to ensure peak performance, including an average of five hours of sleep, one hour of exercise, 50 minutes of meditation, 45 minutes of self-care, and more. Again. These routines often included health treatments inspired by “celebrity fitness plans,” such as cryotherapy and vitamin therapy on television.

With Private client, Bupa aims not only to offer the highest level of medical treatment with national and international health insurance, accommodation in a private hospital and comprehensive evacuation if the necessary medical care is not available internationally, but also offers of lifestyle as a janitor to help manage health needs, sports massage, mental health services, acupuncture and reflexology.

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Image: Private client by Bupa

Plans are offered in stages, starting with the Select plan and ending with the Ultimate plan, which comes with additional benefits such as genetic cancer screening, spa rehabilitation, and non-emergency evacuation. medical in the event of natural disasters or conflicts.

The great thing about these plans is that they combine all of the treatments and services HNW clients already individually seek for their health into one streamlined, straightforward package with a concierge.

To register, customers can contact Bupa on his website to set up a reminder and receive a quote.

Image: Bupa Global

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